CCS Collect causing me sleepless nights!


Thank you for accepting me to the forum...I've been a reader but not a member but I now got to a stage where I felt I best register to gain other views...
I've lived with my boyfriend in the same town since 2004 lived in our most recent place for the past six years prior to this 2 other places.
Few weeks ago he has received a letter from CCS collect saying we need to contact you about a personal matter please contact us.
I've looked them up straight away knew they were a DCA and as we have built up a good credit rating and nothing on the file chose to ignore it. Got the same letter few weeks later decided to return to sender this time. 2 weeks after now with a stronger letter advising that he owes Cabot (another DCA over £12k!)
Needless to say we know nothing about any debt never been contacted before so this came as somewhat of a shock. Oh and the best demanding a payment within 7 days! Sating without contact they will get their local agent to contact us. (As far as I know no one turned up we both work... )Done my reading again...Number of forums, websites still chose to ignore them as the debt can't possibly be his and even if it is it would relate to 2001-2002 from when he lived with his previous girlfriend so therefore from learning from my reading must be statue barred?!? Since living together from 2004 we both had loans credit cars all settled and good credit score. No searches on the experian either.Now another letter. Not going to type in the whole thing this written along the lines of " Despite numerous attempts bla bla failure to contact by x date (happen to be like a day) leaves us no alternative but to recommend further recovery action to our clients. This could potentially result in legal proceedings for the full amount + cost and interest. Then about 4 times please contact us etc... then at the end NO further warnings will be sent (yay) So my question is do I ignore is this just an empty threat trying to catch him out or do the letter from the Debt helpline as in the one where you dispute it's you? Any experience anyone? Can they do anything? Back in 2009 we have had a letter from a different DCA trying to collect on behalf of Cabot over £3k we rang them back then and once confirming the Date of Birth and address they went sorry wrong person... so this has niggle in the back of my mind what if they got it wrong too? From what I read about Cabot here they are not the most trustworthy either? So back to my question ignore or go into the fight of who/what/when etc? Thanks in advance...


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    Have you checked his credit file since the letters have been coming? and new accounts appeared that are not his? any searches by debt collectors?

    A first letter I would ignore. But if they have sent several and are providing details of the debt I would likely send them the "prove it" letter - Letter when you know nothing about about the debt - AKA "Prove it" letter
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    A prove-it is the way forward.

    It's either not his or it's statute barred by the sound of it, though if is was his from 10+ years ago, you would think he would remember owing 12k on a loan/credit card/overdraft.

    So I'm inclining to 'not his'. See what they come back with.
  • Rdog13
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    Thanks for your replies :)
    His credit file show no searches by ANY DCA in the past years the only searches are when he applied for loans credit cards etc. Credit rating above average. He definitely wouldn't have left over 12k debt from 10years + before either but reading other forums and posts I'm guessing they probably added a number of costs etc... if it's even from those times and the biggest question if it his! The letters are very cleverly worded (they usually are by the sounds of things) making you worry (done that! ) not sure how much truth are there behind them. Strangest of all like I sad before we have lived here for 6years and 3 years in other 2 places how come no one ever contacted us? They are not listing or detailing the debt all they quoting is the amount and that is one behalf of Cabot.
  • fatbelly
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    If they are alleging liability of a definite amount that is enough to ask them to prove it. It's gone beyond the 'fishing' stage.
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