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Any suggestions on family friendly eateries, toddler parks/play centres, activities, sights to see with a toddler, etc for a week in Oban at the beginning of August?

She's a nightmare to eat out with, but we'd like to try it once or twice if we find the right place :o Looks like we'll miss out on the posh seafood restaurants & the distillary tour as she's too young :(

Thanks :)


  • About 15 minutes outside Oban is the original Sea Life Centre. It's not as fancy as the one at North Queensferry but closer to nature in my view. I haven't been for a number of years but we directed friends with three year old twins there last year and they had a great time.

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    All toddlers are a nightmare, don't fret ................. teenagers are much worse. :rotfl:
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    missile wrote: »
    All toddlers are a nightmare, don't fret ................. teenagers are much worse. :rotfl:

    :rotfl: I'm sure they come with their own set of problems but at least they'd sit at a table in a restaurant or go to the cinema, or even stay in their room entertaining themselves! ;):D
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    I wouldn't eat at the Sea Life Centre it is really expensive and the food is pretty gross.

    I recommend Piazza (on the pier, you can watch the boats whilst you eat), Oban Fish and Chip shop at the top of George Street and for picnics if the weather is nice I REALLY recommend Piece in Argyll Square, great sandwich shop with local meats, homemade cakes etc.
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    Brilliant zaxdog, that's a great help. Really looking forward to it - just hope it stays reasonably warm for us southerners! :)
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    Let her expend her energy running along Ganavan Sands north of Oban, that'll wear her out! Another energy-expending option are the forest walks, check out the Forestry Commission's website for close locations (eg Glen Nant).

    Has she ever watched Balamory? You could take a ferry ride over to Mull and then catch a coach to Tobermory, where it was filmed.

    If you're really stuck and want a comprehensive list of ideas, drop me a PM and I'll email one of my old friends up there that has small children :)
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    Oban is lovely, we took our 'toddler' there years ago,he is now 24!!!
    Do take the boat to Mull,most kids love boats,you can go there and back without getting off,but Duart Castle is well worth a visit,free bus from the terminal at Mull.You can buy tickets for the castle at the ferry terminal when you get the boat tickets,hope you have a real good time.
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    Thanks davmail - I think we may take our DD to 'Balamory' & have a good look round Mull if we get the chance :)
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