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Reapplying to the same CC company

I recently had a 0% MBNA card which ran out in May, so I cancelled. I was toying with applying for a Virgin card (MBNA group) but is it too soon? Will they see that I recently had an MBNA GROUP card and refuse me? I have also considered a Halifax One card, I had one last year but its about 12 months since I cancelled it. This seems safer but it does carry a BT fee and the max amount I will be transferring to it is £3300. The question I ask you folks is > which option seems the most successful? I don't want a BT fee but Above all I DO NOT WANT A REJECTION as it will still be registered as a creidt search. Thanks.


  • fozmcfc
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    I would say, you probably wouldn't be accepted for the Virgin card.

    It depends whether after closing down an MBNA backed card, you can apply for another MBNA backed card. I don't know myself if they treat each card seperately.

    Someone here is likely to know about the above, or you probably can find the answer by googling it and looking around.

    As for the Halifax card, well I would assume you have left enough time to be considered a new customer, but no one here is going to be able to say, whether you would pass their credit checks. I guess the same even if you would be eligible to apply for the Virgin card, no one again, can say for definite you would be accepted.

    In general, if you do get a Virgin card, keep it open, even if you get a zero balance on it. I have extremely regular, repeat 0% offers, both on balance transfers and handily money transfers. I've also had 0% repeat purchase offers.

    Many people close these cards that do 0% money transfers down and then regret it, as it can provide a very cheap loan, to pay off anything such as other cards, loans or catalouge accounts. Or even if you fancy something for say £2k and then spread it out over 12 months with just 4% or 5% interest.
  • thenudeone
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    The https://www.stoozing.com website used to have a table showing exactly the detail you want but the current version of the site has no data against any card issuer!!! http://www.stoozing.com/credit-cards/credit-card-suppliers.php

    Some issuers will allow new applications from existing customers. I used to have 3 mbna-operated cards at the same time (now zero), so you might be okay.
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  • StuC75
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    I have mbna & virgin, and with regular usage the deals do come back round (both have 12 month offers on them at the moment)..
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