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No More Buying Unnecessary Toiletries in July 2013

edited 22 July 2013 at 12:57PM in Health & Beauty MoneySaving
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  • ItzybitzyItzybitzy Forumite
    949 posts

    Montagne Jeunesse Glacial Clay Spa Mask
    Total debts = [STRIKE]£3116[/STRIKE], [STRIKE]2216[/STRIKE] [STRIKE]£2066[/STRIKE][STRIKE]£1916[/STRIKE][STRIKE]£1766[/STRIKE][STRIKE]£1616[/STRIKE][STRIKE]£1466[/STRIKE][STRIKE]£1316[/STRIKE][STRIKE]£1166[/STRIKE][STRIKE]£1016[/STRIKE]£866
    DMP £150 each month
    Total paid off so far £2150 :D
    Debt Free by Jan 2013
  • Final outs:

    Sure spray deo - WBA DH HG - plenty left in stash.

    Olay lathering cloths - WNBA - DD used these up.

    TBS Grapefruit body spray - WBA liked the smell but it didnt last long.

    But there are ins:

    3 Toothbrushes

    Clinique Lash power mascara - HG and the one im currently using is passed its best.

    Clinique take off the day cleansing balm - no excuse I just wanted to try it

    It was bonus time in Boots so I got the following freebies:

    Liquid soap
    Moisture surge
    Moisture surge eyes
    Mini mascara
    nail polish (I dont count polish in my stash)

    Ending the month with 67 outs but 88 ins +21 on the month.

    On a positive note I put £1 in a pot for every product I use or sell - I use this for holiday spending money. As its our holiday next week I was delighted (and shocked) to discover we had over £2300.

    I will therefore be resetting my totals in August to start saving for next years holiday spending money. This time to deter me further from buying more than im using (or at least to sell some of it) I am introducing a penalty system where I will pay £1 for each item gained so if I end up with a overall gain on the month of +20 its £20 in the pot.
    No more buying toiletries
  • Last INs of the month from BS Macadamia straightening balm...mines almost out, grapefruit shower gel mini, needed this to get the free postage and a random rainforest hair butter freebie tehy sent me.
    Debt free and busy treating myself:)

    No more toiletries/make up until I've used what I've got stashed since Jan 2011, graduated October 2012. Restocked Dec 13..damn those sales
  • KT2802KT2802 Forumite
    595 posts
    Evening ladies.

    I have taken the plunge and started the new August thread. Think I have done it right!

    Here's to a good August!
  • ItzybitzyItzybitzy Forumite
    949 posts
    Totals for month

    UU/OUTS - 33
    INS - 43

    Started with 516 products
    Ended with 510 products
    Total debts = [STRIKE]£3116[/STRIKE], [STRIKE]2216[/STRIKE] [STRIKE]£2066[/STRIKE][STRIKE]£1916[/STRIKE][STRIKE]£1766[/STRIKE][STRIKE]£1616[/STRIKE][STRIKE]£1466[/STRIKE][STRIKE]£1316[/STRIKE][STRIKE]£1166[/STRIKE][STRIKE]£1016[/STRIKE]£866
    DMP £150 each month
    Total paid off so far £2150 :D
    Debt Free by Jan 2013
  • hammyhamhammyham Forumite
    306 posts
    Last ins and outs

    3 razors
    Avon argan oil shampoo 250ml WDBA


    2 OPI varnishes from poundland
    Garnier face cream from poundland
    No buying toiletries 2015 - 1 in
    52 week challenge
    £2015 in 2015
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