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Problem with B&M re R85 status.

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Problem with B&M re R85 status.

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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Savings & Investments
I am hoping some of our experts may help with a stalemate situation my wife is in.

Back in 2008 she had a BM savings account registered for R85 gross interest with HMRC. Her circumstances changed and HMRC told the BM to deregister the account from gross interest, which they did and placed a note "D" against the account.

The funds were subsquently reinvested but kept the same account number and note "D" which BM claims is due to HMRC regulations.

Her circumstances have changed again, and she is now eligible to receive gross interest again.

On contacting BM she has been told in writing "In order to register your account for gross interest we need HMRC to write to us to inform us that you are now eligible for gross interest. Without this information from HMRC we cannot register your account for gross interest".

The trouble is several phone calls to the Inland Revenue Enquiries line, Self Assesment Helpline and the R85 helpline have all met with the same response - we don't write letters of this sort. In fact the R85 people are saying the BM should accept registration as peoples circumstances change, and they will decide whether to refuse it or not.

So stalemate; who is correct and where do we go from here? Your views please.


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