Just craft fairs and fete's

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I was wondering if this was viable and worth doing.

I would really like to do some craft fairs and summer/christmas fete's etc..

But that's the only places I want to sell and I don't want to do it every week if that makes sense. I have disabilities and am off to Uni in September so would mainly like to do things during the summer and Christmas holidays and over Easter.

I don't want it too be a full time job or anything or expect it to be a money making machine just a bit of pin money and something I enjoy to do.

How do you pay the tax and things on a ad hoc kind of basis or is it going to be too much hassle to be worth it?

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    For tax, assuming you are a sole trader, then it doesnt make the slightest difference how frequently you are working. You do an annual tax return by the January following the end of the tax year (April) and they calculate what you owe and you pay it.

    Assuming you are expecting low income then you can apply for exemption to Class II NIC.

    You can register online or on the phone and doesnt take long at all. Self assessment for moderate turnover or below is simple as you only need to enter the high level numbers (turnover, allowable expenses etc)
  • I do a lot of craft fayres but I use it as a cheap way of advertising. The most successful people at craft fayres use it as a way to get further sales on their website or further bookings. I do manicures, make overs and glitter tattoos and get a lot of further bookings. That combined with a leaflet saying how I can be contacted, the price list and Facebook details. If you try and give a leaflet to anyone who shows an interest it can be worth doing. The people who are trying to make an income solely from selling at craft fayres don't seem to be doing very well. There's also an overkill of cards, cakes, knitted stuff and jewellery.
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    This might just be my impression, but a lot of these things seem to happen during term time rather than holidays, on the grounds that a lot of people are away during holidays. Christmas Fairs tend to be well before Christmas, definitely ...
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