Anyone else having problems with Tesco direct today?

Hi, I'm trying to take advantage of the 3 x £5 off and 500 points that are on there and PTS for a Tesco Direct order of £52 but having no luck. They are accepted OK and I get a confirmation email, but then 5 minutes later there is another email saying there is a problem with my card. It says there may be insufficient funds or the bank has refused to pay. The first time it happened I panicked :eek: and phoned the bank (Tesco incidentally!) and they said all fine their end. I rang Tesco and they said it was a known problem with Tesco cards, try another card.

I've now had 3 different cards refused on 4 different accounts, and I'm loosing patience:mad: !! Is it just me, or has anyone else had problems today? I'm begining to think they just don't want me to use the codes...


  • surfsistersurfsister Forumite
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    I've been Money Tipped!
    No had no probs order went through first time
  • *debbie**debbie* Forumite
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    Waah:mad: Just tried AGAIN and in 5 minutes had the "your card is the problem" email. Surely 3 different banks can't all be having problems - I just wish they were more honest in the email - something like "Our system is playing silly b***ers so you don't need to hassle your bank";)

    Which codes did you use Surfsister?
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    hi debbie i had this problem on sunday when i tried ordering from tesco direct
    exactly the same situation as you and i was also paying with a tesco card
    i tried ordering 3 times with it and it was refused in the end i used me morgan stanley card sorry this doesnt help but you have not been the only one
    i have now had my order delivered
    try phoning tesco
    gave up smoking 07/01/09 :j:j:j
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    Hi Sam, I tried phoning them, they said I could place an order by phone but I wasn't sure about using 4 codes over the phone! Also, surely they still would need to process the payment card through their system, and at the moment, anything with my name on it seems to be blacklisted!! Oh well, I'll just have to struggle on with my old, knackered hoover... Or persuade my OH that housework is not a dirty word!
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    have a look at paid to shop, we are all blocked from using tesco direct
    don't understand why but the magic word is THREE accounts anything
    over that and they block them. I even tried with a new credit card
    the had just became live that day and got the same message.
    I have tried ringing tesco direct to place an order and it got cancelled.
    the only way you can order is with gift cards you will be blocked for about a month.
  • *debbie**debbie* Forumite
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    OMG Paidto shop makes interesting reading.... Anyone have the feeling they are clamping down on points? What will I do if I don't have my points from Tesco challenge?!
    Just hope it doesn't go through to groceries, I do really use that service, and not just for the points.
  • I'd a problem with my delivery - I'd booked a slot of 5pm-7pm on Wednesday but nothing showed up, I called them this morning and they said they'd look into it, I then got a call from the store who was to make the delivery and the driver had put a note on to say nobody was in r050.gif Both myself and my son was in a045.gif
    I explained this and told him, I was in the living room most of the time during that timescale so would of seen the deliveryman pull into the car park and come up the path..... anyway they are going to deliver between now and 11am today and I've had the service charge of £6.85 refunded, which means I got 500 points and 2 towel bales for £3.15 a115.gif
  • almondalmond Forumite
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    its just a problem with they computer system the guy from tesco did ring me
    after sending a email complaining. I have since being blocked placed a food and wine order both arrived with no problems.
    we can't work out why we are being blocked if you read the paid to shop
    forum we have been coming up with all different ideas including who killed
    jfk (we reckon its easier working that out ) than why we are being blocked
    but today we reckon its the postcode so you could try with a new card not been used before, you need to clear cookies close the computer down,
    just incase its the ip address. But I would just leave it and get some gift
    cards they seem to be working.
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    As previously said no-one knows exact reason but we do know it's nothing to do with your bank card/account it's their system it seems to recognise from your email address on your computer that if you order 3 items within short timescale from tesco direct then you get banned , normally for a month at a time.:eek:
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