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  • MSE_MartinMSE_Martin MoneySaving Expert
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    We've changed it back :)
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  • derrickderrick Forumite
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    Sammz wrote: »
    I'm not liking it either, sorry. I tried to change the settings in IE but it just made the ad fonts bigger.

    press Ctrl and move centre wheel on mouse, this increases/decreases font size, there is a way to do same with the keys, but I can't recall how.

    Have recalled !
    Ctrl+ increases font
    Ctrl- decreases font
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  • mich_citymich_city Forumite
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    Times New Roman 3 is showing as default font when I'm writing a post/reply.. althought it does revert to verdana when I submit reply..
    aslo, paragraphs are not appearing as I type, text becomes bunched together when I've submitted reply.. :confused:
    I'm puzzled on this one
    Just to show example, there should be 4 paragraphs on this post..
  • pavlovs_dogpavlovs_dog Forumite
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    yes mich im having exactly the same issue :beer: you're not alone. and im having problems with smilies not formatting either
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  • i think it might be browser specific?? I'm using Apple Safari and everything is as i've always had it. i think.
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  • mich_citymich_city Forumite
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    i think it might be browser specific?? I'm using Apple Safari and everything is as i've always had it. i think.
    I'm using IE (vista)
    any ideas or suggestions on how to solve this site peeps?
  • mich_citymich_city Forumite
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    woo hoo... looks like its back to normal :T
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