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I have a large-ish contact group in Windows Mail and when I send the whole group an email everyones address is visible in the sent to field. One of my customers has complained about this saying it is an invasion of privacy! Is there any way to hide other peoples email addresses when sending a batch of emails to a group. At the minute I am sending them all individually which is a right pain!

Hope someone can help:o


  • johnmcjohnmc Forumite
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    Unfamiliar with WM, but you need to get the names into the BCC box.

    In Outlook or OE you go to the Address Book and create a Group. Add all your customers to that Group and then send the email BCC to the Group.

    Alternatively you could use Word and set up a mailmerge with an Excel spreadsheet / Access database. A bit more complicated, but you can personalise the email with the recipients name, company, address etc as if it were a regular letter.
  • Hussein_Hussein_ Forumite
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    yep..what he says
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