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My sky+ box recently needed replacing. I soon noticed that the replacement box had a lower storage capacity than my old one. I spoke to Sky, and they said they'd send an engineer to check. I then did some research, and it turns out that they replaced my old PVR3 box with a PVR2 box, thus halving the capacity I had initially paid for. I called sky again, and they finally admitted to replacing my PVR3 box with a PVR2 box. On asking why, they said there were no PVR3 boxes in stock. Apparently, they don't feel obliged to tell you that they are replacing your box, that you bought, with an inferior one. On asking if the engineer will be bringing a PVR3 box, I was told that there was no guarantee of that, I'd just have to wait in for him, as usual, and see what he turns up with. If that's not deception, I don't know what is!


  • QueenieQueenie Forumite
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    Did you sign for the replacement? :confused:

    If you signed for the replacement, then surely, you read what you were signing for and it outlined that you were signing for a PVR2? In which case, where is the deception??? :confused:
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    You don't sign for the replacement per se, but for the completed job. Nowhere does it inform you that you are receiving an inferior item. Furthermore, as per the Sale of Goods Act 1979, signing for goods as a consumer does not signify acceptance of the goods.

    As for where is the deception, then there's the fact that they replaced the PVR3 box with a PVR2 box without notification, and when I first called sky to query the memory capacity of the replacement box, they said they could not be sure why there was a difference, and would need to send an engineer. It was only when I called them again that they finally admitted to supplying me with an inferior product. To me, that qualifies as deception.
  • QueenieQueenie Forumite
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    If you are not content with the contract and the service, you have the right to cancel? In which case, the decision/burden lies with you?

    You cannot be "deceived" out of something you willing agree to, surely? You *are* aware that it is a different product/system and you have the empowerment of choice as to whether you continue to subscribe to this? Soooo, where is the deception? By your own post you have stated (albeit belatedly) ".. admitted to replacing .. PVR3 with a PVR2 ... there were no PVR3 boxes in stock ... you continue to subscribe under that deal = your choice?

    If you are not happy with that decision, cancel your subs, look elsewhere for an alternative. What precisely do you expect them to do? If they do not have the replacement in stock, how can they help you? If you are not prepared to be at home for an engineer to call and replace the PVR2 with the PVR3, who's choice is it??? How *can* they be of service to you? :confused:

    In all honesty, they have not "deceived" you in truth; you are simply not happy with the service they are offering!
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  • Sky and "good business practice" don't belong on the same page.

    Stick to freeview. Its great to view and its errr ...... free.
  • asandwhenasandwhen Forumite
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    im sure if you speak to them, rather than complain, they will sort it, the always seem so helpfull to us, and can never do enough, and so polite with it
  • It seems that Queenie works for Sky, either that, or they're a WUM. It seems clear from Caffers' post that she asked sky outright if they had supplied an inferior product, and they didn't give a straight answer. Isn't that deception? When her old box was replaced, shouldn't she expect it to be of the same quality? And nowhere does she say she willingly agreed to a box with half the capacity. If you bought a 2.0l car, and had to have it replaced because it was faulty, wouldn't you expect the same size engine without having to ask them several times? :confused:

    Given that there is only one provider of satellite tv, where is the choice? If it were me, I would do what she has done, and tell them to provide the service paid for, and replace the item with something similar. :mad:
  • cdbrowncdbrown Forumite
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    The replacement should always to be to the same standard or higher - it's deception to say the equipment has been replaced and not say that it's a completely different and older version.

    You paid for a certain level of service and equipment and have now been provided with a sub-standard one - I'm sure sky will offer some sort of discount once you explain you aren't getting the value you paid for.
  • nickcardwellnickcardwell Forumite
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    tbh pvr 2 is better than a pvr 3 IF your going to update the hard drive
    (by default a pvr 3 reserves 80gb for sky allowing you to have the other 80gb)

    a pvr2 comes with 40gb (and all that is for you) , you can easily take this out and put in a 250gb hard drive (thus going from 20hrs recording to 125hrs recording) (thats what i have now, and now have at least 30 films listed and still have at least 50-60% recording free)

    If your not going to do that, or if your thinking its the principle of the matter, complain complain complain!
  • home_alonehome_alone Forumite
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    I have heard that Sky+ is free from 1st Jul is that true.

  • No, you still have to pay £10 a month for Sky+ recording facility unless you subscribe.

    And I think you'll find in the contract that you accept whatever make/model they care to give you. There's officially no choice, although the installer may be persuaded to give you a specific model if he happens to have one on the van. As always, read the contract carefully.
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