Share capital - Which suits me?

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So I'm in the middle of filling on companies house (woo hoo) but it's asking me about share capital. I am filing for a limited company of which I will be the sole owner with no intention of selling shares, at least not for the long run.

These are the options I am given, with my suggestion for might go in them:

Class of share
Amount paid up on each share
Amount unpaid on each share
Aggregate nominal value?
Aggregate nominal value
Prescribed particulars
Each share has full rights in the company with respect to voting, dividends and distributions.

Can anyone please tell me if this is correct. I found it hard to find information online but based on what I have read it is right, but I'd really like some feedback from people who are a little more clued up.

Thank you.


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    You may be right, or maybe not. It depends on how you set up the company when you formed it and whether you've paid for your shares. You should check your formation documents and the memorandum/articles of association to see what capital you set up your company, what shares you've issued to yourself and whether you've paid for them. No one else can tell you what you've done.
  • Pennywise is 100% correct. No other answer.
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