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I am not sure if this is the right place to post but thought my enquire probably fitted best here.

I currently purchase character ribbon and such like from a lady on FB however as I am using an awful lot it is becoming a little costly. I am also often asked by my customers if they can purchase the ribbons. I am therefore looking to try and buy wholesale. I have searched online and it looks like purchasing from the US or China is probably best but the length of time for postage is high and I am not sure that people would wait that long. I have been looking for a few weeks and to be honest I am getting nowhere fast. The other issue I am having is that a lot of the companies only sell in reels at $40 a reel which is a huge outlay if the stuff doesn't sell or it arrives and is not right.

I guess my question is does anyone have any pointer as to where to start looking and purchasing from.

I am not that good with the searching of the internet so I am wondering if I am not quite typing the correct thing into the search engine.

Any help, suggestions or pointers would be greatly received.

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    I would be inclined to look for UK importers who for relatively small amounts should be able to give you a reasonable price. Importing from China often involves a lot of trust, buying a large quantity and paying VAT and customs clearance on entry. I would only consider this when you are sure you can sell a large amount to make it worthwhile.

    Trade shows can be quite good for finding suppliers


    is enormous. You can search their site to find some wholesalers. Or maybe Google haberdashery wholesale.

    Good luck.
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    Can the lady who supplies you now do you a deal on larger quantities? as she has other customers as well, it means she can order in bigger bulk, and you get the price benefit and do not have to do the painful importing
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