i wana discount for legoland pplllzzzz

im going to london to legoland end of june...are there any discounts/vouchers available? Going with 2 children aged 4 and 6


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    Tescos are giving out vouchers if you spend £10 or over. The voucher is for a buy one get one free for Legoland, Alton Towers etc. Would this be cheaper than a discount voucher? It says one free ticket for every full paying adult so you would get your 2 children in for free.

    If you dont shop at Tescos or cant get the vouchers I would be happy to let you have 2 just pm me
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    Here's a voucher for free child's entry that someone posted on the MSE a while back - http://www.wallspromotion.com/pdf/voucher_LEGOv3.pdf

    When I went to my local Vue cinema a couple of weeks back the free magazine had Legoland vouchers in - but I gave them to my friend. Am going to the Vue again next Tuesday so will see if there are any more.
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    The Tesco promo has finished. I used two of the Walls vouchers yesterday and didn't have a problem, even though it says one per household on them. Saved me £50 ish.
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    I went yesterday as well and we used the 2 tickets from Tesco to get the 2 kids in for free, paying £64 for 2 adults :eek: . Another site which is always worth checking, is lastminute.com. I noticed you can get a good price through them if you book 3 days or more in advance for certain themeparks including Legoland.

    Have a good time!! :D .
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    Try ebay they had entrance tickets for adults going for £10 only but had to be used by end of june

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    Sainsbury's own brand cereals also have a voucher on them for 2 for 1 Legoland tickets.
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    PM me i have some vouchers if you want them
  • my daughter's school PTA got legoland tickets which can be used on the school's inset day(ours was 4th may) £5 per child £15 per adult. if your school has a PTA ask them to ring group sales at legoland for more info
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    On the trips thread there are lots of threads about possible legoland deals and ways of playing the system - I think I remember something about a club you can join. Anyway here is a link to the various threads that might help.:D
  • How about
    BUYAGIFT and get 10% cashback
    Buy the tickets that are discounted to £18.75 each for adults and children
    Use code 843843 and get a further 25% discount

    Total cost for 3 x people is

    £18.75 x 3 = £56.25
    10% cashback takes it to £50.63
    25% discount of original amount takes it to £43 plus postage

    Total of approx £45
    donstermonster :D
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