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I have just returned from 3 months abroad and M&S today declined my card on the basis I owed £5, which I tried to pay online on Saturday but they say this hasn't cleared. They now say I can't use the card for 3 days till an online payment has cleared so I have told them to close the card!
I am really annoyed as I have always paid the balance in full, and but the fact I was travelling back from Spain I overlooked the payment by 2 days!
Can you recommend a credit card I can use instantly ie today even that I can apply for online?

I don't have a great credit rating because I never owe anyone any money!!!
Thanks in anticipation of a favourable response from someone who can help?? ;)


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    As far as I know there are no cards that give you quick access, let alone instant access. You'll be waiting at least a week in my experience.

    Make sure you're not cutting your nose by closing the M&S account. They really don't care one way or another - they just moved straight on to the next call - but your file will look better with an established and (usually) well managed credit card. It seems to me the choice you face is having an M&S card in three days time, or having no card in three days time.
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    You (for whatever reason is irrelevant) failed to ensure a payment reached the account for at least the minimum amount by the due date.

    They in turn stopped new spending on your card until they had received a payment.

    Seems perfectly reasonable to me.

    You knew you were going abroad so it was your responsibility to set up a standing order / direct debit / future dated payment before you left. Now you know to do this in future, but have learned the hard way.

    Asking them to close the account is way over the top. Every card issuer in the country would act the same way.

    I would suggest going back to M&S and apologising for letting rip and asking if they can re-open the account explaining it was closed due to a "misunderstanding". Then wait patiently whilst your payment clears.
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