can you.... obtain credit files

Can you obtain credit files for friends?

I recently loaned an old friend some money to see her through a difficult time. I wasnt much better off and she knew I needed the money back - and promised - seeing as her partners new job was paying more than double my own take home pay. They money never got paid back, and she has not responded to any of my messages, like she took the money and ran!

I feel really stupid right now for being so quick to trust her. Totally taken in by everything she told me.

Originally she wanted me to guarantor a loan for her, which I refused, and at great cost to me, I shuffled a few things around to be able to help her out of my own pocket.

Since she didnt pay me back, and as a result I ended up getting bank charges when her money wasnt paid in to my account, I am considering the possibility of a small claims court. But I would be interested to see her credit file - if she really is struggling, she could be ordered to pay me back at £1 a week or something silly. Whilst it is about the principle, that is just pointless to me.

Is just *anyone* allowed to obtain details of a friends credit record, in the circumstance of an unpaid private loan?

Thanks for any advice anyone has.


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