Crystal Fires Montana Royale High Efficiency Gas Fire (3 Sided) Remote Control

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Hi all,

I am looking to save fuel costs by changing the gas fire from an open gas fire to an up-to-date 81% energy efficient gas fire.

This one seems to come with a remote control for an extra £150.

Are the remote controls reliable? You need to buy the remote control version of the gas fire. On the one hand, paying £150 over 10 years or more is no big thing. On the other hand if some component breaks especially as a gas fire gets hot etc would create more headaches and possibly make us wish we'd gone manual.

Any thoughts?



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    Surely the remote control version can still be operated manually?
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    Not familiar with Crystal Fires, but there has been a lot of web traffic on the price of replacement battery packs for Auto Start gas fires - Makers price £60+, Maplin price £25

    Might be an idea to ask maker how much a new battery pack is
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