Arthur Britannicus - Roman Adventure for Simon Scarrow Fans - Free on Kindle today

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I also came across Arthur Britannicus free on Kindle today. Looks like a good Roman adventure story - perfect for Simon Scarrow and Ben Kane fans.

Carausius is born into a savage life.

His father was a respected warrior chief, a leader of men.

But as a boy, Carausius witnesses his violent death.

As the boy grows into a man and then a soldier, he dedicates himself to the cause of Rome.

As a centurion in the Empire's mighty Army, he earns the respect of his men: soldiers who will fight, and die if necessary, at his command.

But, just like his father before him, he is surrounded by enemies - both within and without.

He must manoeuvre his way through battle, knowing who to trust and who to put to death; not easy when paranoia among the ruling elite is so rife.

Will Carausius emerge victorious where so many before him failed and earn the great title of all.


Or will he meet an early, violent death, as his father did before him.

'Arthur Britannicus' is a vivid and memorable portrayal of the life of a Roman champion.

It is perfect for fans of Ben Kane and Simon Scarrow.


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