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60% off Demarquett​e Chocolates (2nd June only)

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Seventh Anniversary
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Discount Code: CORONATION

Exclusive 60% discount celebrating 60 years since The Queen's coronation
Next Sunday, the 2nd of June marks the 60th anniversary of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s Coronation. An estimated 3 million people gathered in the streets of London on that momentous day in 1953 to watch the new monarch’s procession to Westminster Abbey. Millions more around the world were also able to view the Coronation, as the BBC made history by televising the ceremony in their biggest outside broadcast ever.

So exactly 60 years after Her Majesty the Queen was officially crowned, you can receive an exceptional celebratory 60% off all online orders - for the length of time that the Coronation took place!

This special discount starts at 11:15 on June 2nd 2013, approximately the time the Coronation ceremony began 60 years ago. It will remain available for the length of the ceremony and ends at 14:00.
And remember to enter discount code: CORONATION upon checkout.


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