The Noose Tightens - Police Thriller for Peter James Fans - Free on Kindle Today

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I came across The Noose Tightens by Alastair Kinnon free on Kindle today. Looks like a good police thriller - for Peter James or Ian Rankin fans.

In a dusty barn the body of a young boy is found hanging.


It is the most sickening case Sergeant Martin Nicols has ever witnessed.

And also the most baffling.

From a broken home, the boy may have been a victim of abuse. But by whom? And for what ends?

No one is speaking. And no one wants to help.

As he digs deep into the case, Nichols uncovers a seedy underworld of twisted desires and cruel punishments. A world that comes dangerously close to home: to his own police department: and to his own past.

As he gets closer and close to solving the case, the noose tightens.

But who's neck will be encircled by the rope?

'The Noose Tightens' is a brilliant psychological crime drama that will keep the reader guessing until the very last page.

In Sergeant Martin Nicols it introduces a memorable new character, a detective who must learn from his own troubled past to understand the mind of a killer - and hunt him down before his next victim is slain.


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    Thanks Stevedan, I look forward to reading this :beer:
    There's no place like home :)

    Feeling down? Weak in body? Makes no difference to me, I think of you all when I'm sitting quietly.

    Hugs and healing thoughts are always going your way.
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    Thanks my son bought me a kindle today...and this is the first book I have downloaded! Thrillers are my favourite!
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    ...but the memory of it lasts forever"

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