Hi everyone,
Many moons ago (so atleast 2 years ago) i came across a link for a fab cheap website that sells small plastic bottles and tubs (that you can put beauty products etc in). I thought it was on one of the pages talking about christmas hampers and homemade flavoured vodka's but i can't seem to find it now.

Does anyone know any websites that sell plastic bottles (with different lid types that are reasonably priced. I actually want to put acrylic paints in them for craft kits.
Thanks xx
MBNA[STRIKE] £10000[/STRIKE]£9782.77 SANT [STRIKE]£3168.74[/STRIKE]£1838.58 BARCLAY [STRIKE]£5661.87[/STRIKE]£5573.53 NEXT £0 ARGOS [STRIKE]£1600[/STRIKE]£1488.17
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