Online Pedometer: Ditch the car, count your calories and work out distances

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What's this all about?

Now I must admit I only put this in because I thought it was really cool. Google has a smart tool, the Gmaps Pedometer, which allows you to map routes online and will automatically work out how far you're walking and the calories you'll burn.

Simply go to G-map and navigate to the area you would like to map. Click on 'start recording' then double click on your start point. Carry on by clicking on each point of your route.

Once you're done the pedometer on the left hand side will show you the total distance, the distance of the last leg and the calories burnt. You can also print off the map for reference.

Happy clicking


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  • Butlers1982
    Butlers1982 Posts: 3,286 Forumite
    how cool is that ! ! ! !
    Now i can pretend to have done some exercise!
  • Pete283
    Pete283 Posts: 354
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    I walk to work every day, so this could come in handy to see if its worth it or not!

    Thanks Martin!
  • joapet
    joapet Posts: 75 Forumite
    wow i burnt 230 calories today and walked over 2 miles. Cool.
  • Miss_Bliss
    Miss_Bliss Posts: 74 Forumite
    This site is excellent! I used it to map walks training for the London Playtex Moonwalk! Much more reliable than a pedometer!
  • madbat
    madbat Posts: 88 Forumite
    I cant get it to load for the UK, has anyone else had this problem??
    insert extremly witty and clever name here and thats me!!!
  • knithappens
    knithappens Posts: 1,850 Forumite
    i started walking too and from work monday. works out it is a 3.3 miles round trip, burning roughly 382 calories. Very please
  • sarerb18
    sarerb18 Posts: 1,979 Forumite
    madbat wrote: »
    I cant get it to load for the UK, has anyone else had this problem??
    Zoom out to the largest size and you get the world and then double click on england and hey presto you click the scale thingy (sorry to be so technical) and you can go where you want. Some one else will tell the correct way but this worked.


    Thanks Martin it's brilliant!!
  • Prudent
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    This is great. Had a lot of fun working out all my usual routes.
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  • iamsam
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    MapMyRun does essentially the same job (it also uses Google maps data), but it's a lot slicker and has many more features. It allows you to save a default starting locatation, and workout/training data. It also has a searchable database of user-submitted routes (in many more categories than just running - hiking, dog walks, cycling, etc.). You can even export your route to a GPS device/Google Earth.
    EDIT: I suggest you use this site with an ad-blocker on firefox.

    WalkIt will plot a walking route between two locations, and allows you to print directions and a corresponding map (like a route planner, but for walking). Apart from walking distance/time, it'll also show you calories burned and CO2 emissions saved by not taking other forms of transport. Unfortunately, it's only for Central London at the moment; but there appears to be a beta version for Birmingham.
  • My walk to the pub and back burned up one pint. Whoopee! Might get the landlord to install a treadmill so I can have a calorie neutral session!
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