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Real-life MMD: Is it wrong to be a supermarket voucher vulture?

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    dstanden wrote: »
    Supermarkets actually deducted the value of the voucher from your current trolley instead of printing a voucher to spend on another visit.

    I agree it's a good idea, but the thinking behind the vouchers is that you'll return to to do your next shop to use the voucher, rather than go elsewhere.
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    SandraDJ wrote: »
    Quite a lot of the discounts/extra points vouchers are linked to your loyalty card. Tesco will have your clubcard number on the voucher, and Sainsbury's will have the nectar card number.

    That means that most vouchers are no use to anyone else.

    Not if you don't present your Clubcard or Nectar card. :)

    Any discarded ASDA receipts are fair game for use with the Price Guarantee.

    I've checked the T&C's for this, and the closest it gets is No.22 ...

    We may withhold or refuse payment and/ or withdraw or suspend the ASDA Price Guarantee (or any part of it) at any time without notice where we suspect fraud, or where vouchers have been incorrectly calculated.
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  • Remember when Tesco used to accept vouchers offered by other stores? We saved a fortune using Farmfoods vouchers for maybe 12 months. That all came to an end because a greedy minority abused the system. So I'd say it's fine to use vouchers intended for other people, so long as they have clearly discarded them, but don't push it too far, otherwise the vouchers will stop and we'll all lose out!
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