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Over the last decade I've moved a lot for various work reasons - mostly around the UK but briefly abroad (Japan).

During university and my nomadic early career, I've always had my credit / debit cards registered to my parents' address. This has helped me always pay on time and generally be a good egg!

As I'm now looking for a mortgage, I've tried to check my credit files but as my current address (where I'm on electoral roll) doesn't match the registered address for my card, it won't verify my identity.

I can understand and live with this hiccup, but will it have a material affect on other bits of my credit record (which should otherwise be excellent)?

Any insights, hints or suggestions welcome.


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    As a start bring everything into line, address wise.
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    My girlfirend was in a similar situation. She went travelling and kept her credit card and bank account registered at her mums. I didn't realise this until we made our AIP/ full application with nationwide. We still passed the credit checks. However they requested a bank statement from her and obviously this wouldnt tie up with the address she was on the electoral roll at.

    She went to the bank and changed her address to coincide with the address she was on the electoral roll at and also got a letter from the bank explaining this.

    Nationwide were happy enough with this.

    However I would make sure you change it all to coincide ASAP, to save any chance of it causing a problem.
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