Bankrupt & Credit Report Questions


Hope I am posting in the right section as i'm new here.

I was discharged from bankruptcy in June 2011. My wife and I are hoping to get a mortgage later on this year as we have now saved a sizeable deposit and feel the time is right to (hopefully) get on the property ladder.

To help with the above and after reading some posts on here I obtained my £2 Credit Report from Equifax last week and have some questions regarding this.

I basically want to know how I can get the information changed on the report to show that the debts are now cleared?

The report bumph says I can write to them asking them to remove incorrect info from the file. As I am now discharged I feel some of the report showing defaults should be changed to reflect this.......

....But i'm not sure how to put this in writing?

Are there any of those sample letters I can use for this?

What do I say? How much info do they need? Do I need to include any reference numbers relating to the discharge?

I'm a bit stumped.

If anyone can help i'd much appreciate it.




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