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So last year I called Natwest to see if I could pay some of my overdraft off and to my surprise they said that it was too late and that a default had been issued against my name for the sum of 1000 pounds.

The thing is, it has show up on my credit report. I never did receive a default notice, and this is a big and my mother was ill. My mother was so ill that I got struck off from the hospital because she did not pass any of my post along to me. Everything that I had has subsequently been lost.

My mother was going through a very bad time and had a mental illness and so I do not know whether I received anything or not.

I paid the bill right away as soon as I found out but it had already been passed on to a credit collection agency.

Is there any way that I can overturn this default? I can provide all of the necessary medical documentation that is needed from my mother or will it make no difference?

I am also out of the country and my credit score is near 500. I am so shocked. I really do not know what to do.

Is there anything I can do?

Thanking you in advance.


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    No, a default is a true account of whether you didn't keep to your original agreement so cannot be removed if it was a true account at the time. Commonly dates are not correct and they can be changed and corrected if necessary.

    If you have paid what you owe that should show up on your credit file now and it may well not affect your credit score hugely if all other payments with other creditors have been paid on time and as per agreement.
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  • Is there anyway I go through the route or trying to get the default notice as I do not have anything. Am I right in thinking that it will drop off in 6 years as it was issued in May 2012? I am so shocked. I will not be able to get credit anywhere.

    This is the last thing I need right now. Car insurance will be a nightmare with sky high prices.

    I'm so confused.
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