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PPP question

I was free from Bankrupcy in 2007 , i have been pestered by the PPP phone calls and I explained I went Bankrupt and the man said because I am not Bankrupt now they can make claims for me .

Is this correct ?


  • If a PPI claim refers to an account opened subsequent to BR discharge, then by all means, have a go.

    If, however, the PPI claims refer to pre-BR accounts, then they are not yours to claim [that invested with the OR]

    By all means, authorise the company to claim on 'your' behalf....but be aware, financial institutions will have been aware of your BR...may well forward any compensation direct to the OR...and you will still be liable for any fees the PPI claims company decide to impose.

    The OR may well claim the full amount of compensation.
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    Discharge from bankruptcy does not prevent a PPI claim for account from before you BR vesting with your OR/trustee.


    If a company is claiming otherwise, they are telling you porkies.
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