is a mortgage free update thread allowed?

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I posted on a thread her last year, before becoming MF in October. I still happen by sometimes to see how old friends are doing :beer:

I haven't seen anywhere where those of us who have completed the journey can post updates, and bearing in mind there are now quite a number of us, thought I would start a new thread, if this is allowed. Board Guides, if you think this is inappropriate, just delete, but my update is as follows:

MF date - October 2012 - honestly can't remember the actual day :o

Those who remember me will recall references to my job, which was a bit of a nightmare. I am still there, as I can't retire for another 5 years, but it is a bit better now (in fact I am currently on temporary promotion :o). I will revisit regularly though. I would still prefer to work part time, but need to approach this carefully. I am currently well paid, and it would be hard to live on OH's 8k pension, though I do realise that many people in the UK, let alone across the rest of the world, live on far less.

I have also started a small antiques business :D I love it, but it doesn't make enough money (or even any money at the moment :o) to give up my job. However, I am only 2 months in, so am happy (and because I work, and don't owe anything, can afford) to give it a bit of time. I haven't borrowed any money to set up my business, but am using money from my income. Savings have taken a bit of a back seat, though I have about 6 months salary in savings, mostly ISAs, and can afford to help the children and grandchildren out where needed, at the moment :)

My husband is enjoying his retirement, and has his own small business making nice wooden things, which he sells in very posh shops. But of course, as these things are hand made, they take a lot of time to make so he doesn't sell many.

Apart from that, we still live in our little Edwardian terrace, grow as many vegetables as possible, keep chickens and cook and preserve food. We have kept our fuel bills down by using our woodburning stove (and out neighbours' heating as we have them both sides :D)

What are others doing? Much more exciting things than me, I bet :rotfl:


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    There is a sticky on the board:

    You may want to post on that too!
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    Hi Dawn

    How lovely to hear how you're doing, great to see you back with an update.

    Megela x.
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    Hi Dawn, lovely to see you posting, I think of you often when I am trying to ram more food into my rubber sided freezer.

    Pleased to hear you are enjoying your life :T

    Best wishes Tilly
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    Calfuray wrote: »

    There is a sticky on the board:

    You may want to post on that too!

    I love reading the role of honour thread it's so inspiring:) really love the idea of a catch up thread as well .. Dawn I never got to know you but must say its great to hear about what you've been up to, would love to know how dithering dad is doing etc .. I enjoy reading financial bliss's updates and wynnevegas etc

    Being mortgage free is a great goal but ( for me anyway) I need to know and appreciate how great life can be after mortgage freedom has been achieved so that I don't become obsessed with the one goal at the expense of all others :)
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