Microwave brown rice?

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I'd normaly put white rice in the mic but cant see on the packet how to cook brown rice in the mic, can this be done also? if so how
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    Yes I always cook my rice (any type/colour!) in the micro. Brown will probably need a bit longer to cook though. Perhaps put in as you would for white and then add couple of extra mins onto cooking time

    Hope that helps, Cathy
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    Off the top of my head, the instructions on the brown rice I buy are as follows:

    Place in a bowl and add boiling water, 175ml for every 75g of rice
    Nuke for 4 mins (I think?) on full power
    Nuke for 25 mins (I think?) on the defrost setting
    Leave to stand for 2 mins

    Somebody please correct me if I'm wrong. This is off the side of bog-standard Tesco brown rice but I have typed it from memory as I am not at home at the mo. Anyway, I follow the instructions on the packet and it turns out lovely.
    :)Operation Get in Shape :)
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    First of all,it didn't seem to need to be rinsed,like other rice.Is that so?

    It took about 20 minutes in the microwave to cook.A lot more time than for other types of rice.Is this about right?

    It might be easier just to do it on the stove,especially if I let it soak first.

    Thanks for any suggestions.
  • If you soak the rice (overnight or all day) it will take slightly less time to cook - but I cook mine in the pressure cooker.

    10 mins if un-soaked, about 8 if soaked.

    Brown rice is a wholegrain - with the tough outer shell still on so it takes more time to cook normally.

    I am re-exploring the world of pressure cooking as our diet is now heavily into grains and pulses as our budget can't cope with the rising prices.

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    I do have a pressure-cooker,but am too scared to use it (apart from making jam/chutney with the lid off)!:o

    I know that soaking brown rice beforehand reduces the cooking time.I might just go back to cooking it on the stove...

    Mind you,I only made one portion of rice,which with the water barely covers the bottom of the microwave rice container.I might do double and see how it goes.Brown rice needs a longer cooking time than white,I believe.

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    I always cook rice and grains in the microwave. I sometimes presoak if I remember. I rinse, and pour boiling water over the rice. I find that whatever vessel I use, as long as I cover the rice with slightly less than 1 inch of water, it cooks perfectly and absorbs all of the water. I then let it stand for a few minutes, covered with a teatowel. I also find that it takes about 20 mins, but when I cooked rice on the hob it took that long too. White rice is done in about 9 mins.
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