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heavy duty oven cleaner

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    No problems Crazy ; I wil lbe gettin gsome myself this week :j
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  • I just wanted to warn you all of a company called Pristine Oven Clean, based in Croydon. Be careful when dealing with Rory, you cannot trust him.
    - Andrew
  • MrsE_2MrsE_2
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    CATHY wrote: »
    For Heavy Duty Oven Cleaning
    Pour half a mug of ammonia mixed with half a mug of water into a bowl and place in warm oven. Leave for several hours – or overnight. Wipe clean with sponge, damp cloth or plastic net scrubber

    saves all that cash on Mr Muscle

    be careful of the fumes though

    wear a mask and ventilate the room when your mixing the ammonia

    horrible stuff but very effective

    and cheap


    This might sound stupid but you don't wipe the solution over the oven, you just leave it in a bowl & the fumes do the work?
  • janb5janb5 Forumite
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    Actually I dont think you can use the forum to post comments about a firm...............true or false.

    I think it is easier and less likely to ingest the amonia is to put all the oven shelves in a double black bag, pour in half a tea cup of ammonia and then leave knotted bag outside overnight. Next day you can sluice down the shelves with a hose and most of the gunge comes off quite well.

  • QuackersQuackers Forumite
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    Mrse wrote: »
    This might sound stupid but you don't wipe the solution over the oven, you just leave it in a bowl & the fumes do the work?

    I've taken it that you just let the fumes do the work...

    I have a very dirty oven that needs some love :o

    not sure OP will reply....this thread is 6 years old :rotfl::rotfl:
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  • Sammy-Jo_2Sammy-Jo_2 Forumite
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    I have tried all sorts of methods - including the amonia. I found it hard to use as it really does smell! I placed the mixture in a bowl in the oven overnight and it did work but not great. I have since been using 'Oven Mate' its 3.90 fro Asda and one bottle usually lasts me 2 cleans. I have found the best method it to use is - an old paintbrush to coat the sides of the oven and then put the silver racks into the bag once I have coated them in the mixture. I then leave it overnight. Then I use a portable steam cleaner to whizz round the inside of the oven and then give it a wipe over with a cloth and it leaves it like new. If you dont have a steamer you just wipe it clean. Hope this helps!
  • bluebagbluebag Forumite
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    Fairy power spray works quite well, just spray it on and leave it for 30 mins then wipe off, sometimes takes a few do's but gets there and doesn't whiff too bad.
    TBH I think it's ammonia in this.

    Years ago I used to use an oven pad (caustic soda paste in a self dispensing pad thing I think) but I haven't seen it for years.
    I keep on top of it now with the power spray coz I hate the whole fiasco.
    Seriously, I't medievil isn't it? :(
  • angiebhfxangiebhfx Forumite
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    Caterina wrote: »
    Thank you Cathy, I shall try that.

    What a pity I have no lemons now as I have a nice hot oven (just cooked a polenta cake).


    Hmmmm Polenta cake, lovely!!!
  • savemoneysavemoney Forumite
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    Post 40 looks like :spam: reported as he spamming forums with this

    Brand new invention - The Oven Door Shield - UK Business Forums

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  • I would post photos if I could before and after just to illustrate as I cannot I just describe it.

    It comes in a box, a gel bottle, a nylon brush, and some protective gloves. I have an oven that had not been cleaned for 10 years, so it had at least 3mls of burnt in grease carbonized which to scratch felt like was part of the oven, I tried using astonish cream but that which is usually excellent on pans sinks etc did work at all so with the gloves on and armed with the brush after taking all the racks out I brushed the gel on the sides and bottom of the oven, left it for three hours (the best thing on this product is virtually no smell definitely no toxic fumes a pleasure to clean with) and then wiped it clean.

    I could not believe my eyes it looked new and very shiny, both the sides and the bottom, amazing there was only a vary small area at the bottom that didn't completely came off so I reapplied more gel to that area and left it overnight, wiped it in the morning and the whole of that bit came off as well. Another good thing is although this product is not that cheap i think I only used a quarter of the bottle or at the most a third. so in my opinion great value for money as with other products they may be cheaper but I think you end up using the whole container making them really more expensive....****WELL DONE OVEN MATE**** you get 5 stars from me.
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