Gas used during recent snow

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I am wondering if anyone can give me an idea of their usage during the recent cold spell. I pay £65 pm direct debit, and last year had a £75 refund. I read my meter myself about weekly to keep an idea of my usage. Average from 28th Feb to 18th Mach was 6/7 units a day. My last reading was on the 18th haven't been able to get to meter to read it outside due to the heavy snow - too deep to reach it. Today I took a reading which snowed 800 units used in 12 days. Now for that amount to be used we should have been living in a sauna! I assure we wern't! We have a semi (3 bed), 2 receptions ( we live in the smaller back one - bigger room only used when we have family up). Heating on in 1 bedroom only - we hate hot bedrooms. Only my husband and I at home - ant he out at work! I would have expected maybe double or treble my normal usage but not this. We were wearing fleeces thick socks putting throws over us watching tv etc. We were careful of our usage, heating never on at night. I now have to wait until after holidays to contact Phoenix (as was) and am panicking. The snow was several feet along our houses where the meter was blocking access, had I read it it before this and noted the high reading I would have contacted them earlier. Surely we couldn't have racked up 8 times our usage and still been wrapping up to get warm. Would be interested in how anyone else found thier usage increase.We do live in Glengormley known to be cold!


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