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  • E.On are pretty good in that they will let you sign up to a standard (non-E7) tariff despite having an E7 meter. All they do is continue to take the two separate readings and charge all the usage at the same rate as if you had a single rate meter. When we signed up I made a point of saying that although we had an E7 meter & timeclock we had no need for a night rate, and they implemented a standard tariff.

    This was good enough for us for 5 years...... until we switched to EDF.

    Noticed within days that we had been put onto an E7 tariff. Apparently this was purely because of our meter type, and EDF do not allow E7 meter users to have non-E7 tariffs. So we had to get our meter changed out for a single rate meter (free of charge, but a hassle).

    Did get refunded the overcharge from the short period on the E7 rate as a goodwill gesture after I pointed out the shortcomings in their sign-up process in this circumstance.
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