"Pay what you want" music site - lots of free or cheap MP3s

If this has already been mentioned or if it is in the wrong place, I apologise I am fairly new here and still finding my way around.

Anyway I wanted to share this site that I like, it is called corporate records. You won't find any "famous" chart bands on there, but if you are prepared to listen to the snippets and try new bands you can find some gems on there. It operates on a pay what you want system, meaning a lot of tracks and albums you can get for free by typing 0 into the price. Some do charge a minimum but it is never very much.

Also if you are in a band and want to sell your music on there you can sign up for free and charge whatever you want.

I am not involved with the site in any way I just wanted to share it because I have found some good music on there. I reccomend the Indelicates, Lily Rae and The Antidote. (easily found in search as the site lists bands/acts by A-Z)



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