Gas cutoff while away and now being left off overnight!!

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We had a letter a few weeks ago saying the gas main in the street and also the pipe up to each property was being replaced, and work would take 4-6 weeks..
Last few weeks the roads have been dug up etc...
We have had no fixed date from anybody as to when this would happen for our property...

Our kids school broke up Monday for Easter so we went away for a few days..
We came home today (Good Friday) to find our gas cut off, there was a letter in our mail hand posted on wed saying they were calling Thurs AM to replace our pipe and needed access to the property... then another left thursday saying we had been cutoff until we contact them and provide access..

I rang the number on the letter, and the office was closed and it gave an emerg no to ring... they basically told me as its good friday they had no teams in apart from on faults, and there was nothing they can do until tmrw (Sat) AM and it was tuff more or less...

I work for one of the big six as an electric meter fitter, and if we left someone off supply for any length of time there is hell to pay...
So how come they are happy to just leave me off overnight with no gas hence no heating, with two kids under 6, and the weather forecast to hit minus 2-4c here tonight...

that temp combined with the fact the house has been empty with no heating on all week means the temp inside has really dropped.. we have lent 2 fan blowers from a neighbour but they have been on now 4 hours and don't seem to be making any real difference, plus there is the extra electric cost of having them on all night..

I know a lot about the electric supply terms and conditions obviously but not much about gas..
Can I complain about being left off overnight or is there some get out clause for them due to the nature of work being carried out...


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    Short answer no, as the grid can use the safety regulation card. Just like electric.
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    if you were going away & they were already digging up the rd why didn't you speak to the work men & ask when they were likely to get to your house ?
    If you weren't prepared to come back on wed night then you wouldn't have been home on thurs anyway so you would be in the same situation, sorry but I don't think you have anyone to blame but yourself
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    With the benefit of hindsight it might have been best to inform them you were going away, leave a contact telephone number or a key with a neighbour as you saw fit.

    If you are a tenant your landlord may be able to provide additional emergency heating.
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    They should give you 5 working days notice for disconnection of supply for repair/maintenance.

    National Grid (other gas transporters have similar conditions)
    If you are a domestic customer and your gas
    supply is interrupted as a result of a failure,
    fault or damage to your GTs pipeline system
    you will be reconnected/gas will be available
    at your property within 24 hours.
    If the GT fails you will receive a
    payment of £30 if you are a domestic
    customer, and £30 for each additional
    complete 24 hours you are without
    gas up to a maximum of £1000.
    When the GT carries out planned work to
    replace pipes or maintain the integrity of the
    gas system, they may need to interrupt your
    gas supply, If so, your GT will inform you of
    the date they expect to interrupt you and the
    reason why your supply needs to be
    interrupted, at least 5 working days before
    the interruption occurs.
    NOTE – this must be claimed within 3
    months of failure
    If the GT fails and you inform them of
    their failure within 3 months of the
    interruption you will receive a payment
    of £20 if you are a domestic customer
    and £50 if you are a non-domestic
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    I had one of those letters to say our gas would go off when they were putting new pipes along the road. Because of the wet weather they put it off two or three times, then the day the work was done my gas didn't come back on. I live the corner house and they couldn't find the pipe. In the end the gasman offered me a temp electric fire for the night but it was after 10pm by this time, so i said i'd just go to bed. I think the gas was off for about 36hrs altogether. One of the workmen in the street told me to phone and i'd get some compensation. i forget how much now.
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    over the past few months they have dug up my entire housing estate of around 100 streets and are never in the same place for long..
    I had no idea when they would be doing my street...

    I dont mind the fact that they did it, its the fact they point blank refused to come out and reconnect me yesterday and leave me with no heating overnight that I didn't like...
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    Short answer is no.

    If they had known, they have the option to give you electric heaters on loan etc for the duration.
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