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I am seriously looking at buying at house in the comes with a paddock and stable. I wont use this but wonder if there is any rental value in it....

Can anyone advise if it is worth anything for grazing or as use as a paddock. I wont sell it as it it too the front of the property and I would not want anyone to build on it....

Appreciate any advise you can give me....


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    If there's a paddock and stable, the area might be horsey, so yes, you can probably let it out to a horse/pony owner. Probably your best bet, otherwise you'll have to maintain the land - may as well let a horse do it for you.

    If you don't let to a horse owner, you may be able to get a couple of sheep on there and use the stable as a shed? Someone else's sheep, I mean - they're a PITA to keep your own.
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    As regards sheep you will have to spend a fortune on wire to fence them in!

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    You can pay anything from £30 per week upwards for DIY livery at a riding stables here. For a stable and a paddock i would say it would be much less depending on how big the paddock is and where it is.
    What facilities are there? Most DIY livery would have a tack room, electric, self filling water feeders, hose down / cleaning area and use of a sand arena or indoor.
    People pay extra at 'proper' stables as they have the backup if they are on holiday or unwell etc and they can often reduce feed & bedding costs as they are bought in bulk.

    You might be lucky and get someone decent enough to take it on but a large horse will wreck the ground, especially if wet.

    Insurance is another issue. No matter how friendly the person leasing is or how well you know them accidents do happen and your insurance will have to cover this.
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