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Been a creation customer with various cards for years now and never come across this before.

Balance on the card is next to nothing, attempted to make a £499 paypal transaction and had it declined because their system decided it was a risk...

But no one could explain why or override it, just tell me "If you try to make the purchase a few days later it should go through".

First they tried to fob me off claiming it was identified as cash, after much debate they agreed this was rubbish.

Then they tried to fob be off claiming it was "out of pattern" for me, so I pointed out similar paypal transactions, some for five times as much, which have gone through fine - in fact, PayPal is pretty much all I use the card for.

But even if they'd picked it up as a "dodgy transaction" surely they would be able to verify it was me and then unblock it?


Fat lot of use that was. I mean it's no bother, I'll just use my bank account to pay but I'd have preferred to keep the funds in my flex direct account earning 5% interest until the creation bill was due.
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    Does seem an over zealous fraud detections system or an advisor not knowing much about how it works. I would have thought they should be able to tag the account so that it would be slightly more relaxed about your paypal transaction. You would have to try it again as the original transaction would have been declined.
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    Used my Marriott card for the first time in 9 months yesterday for a transaction of £3100 (never used it for more than £250 in a month before). Knowing how uppity their system is I rang in advance and asked if it would be an issue. They asked me the amount, which establishment and when.

    The transaction sailed through. Which actually surprised me.
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