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  • ohbillyohbilly Forumite
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    I buy CD's and more often than not rip them to FLAC files and then put the CD's on my various shelves.

    I used to say if retailers offered FLAC files as an option I would use it but tbh I need to have a physical product for the money I am spending and having it as a backup is a nice positive too.

    If a label has just a digital only option then I have no problem with scouring the internet until I find a free download of it.
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    Is this the reason HMV went into administration... Downloading music is far too easy these days legally and illegally. I do like to buy mine from iTunes but iTunes in my eyes is becoming far from a simple interface. I hate how complicated they have designed it.
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  • esuhlesuhl Forumite
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    ohbilly wrote: »
    I buy CD's...

    If a label has just a digital only option then I have no problem with scouring the internet until I find a free download of it.

    Even if the digital-only option is a CD...? :p
  • ohbillyohbilly Forumite
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    esuhl wrote: »
    Even if the digital-only option is a CD...? :p
    Haha you knew what I meant :p
  • worried_jimworried_jim
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    MissAT wrote: »

    groove shark is an online streaming one, it's pretty good although the cds tracks are usually not in order and it doen't always have the latest releases like spotify does.

    Never heard of groove shark before- just tried it. Spotify doesn't have any George Harrison, very happy now listening to "Here comes the Sun" on groove shark. Big Thanks!
  • I always prefer having something physical like a CD that can be yours regardless of hard drive failures, and that comes with a booklet you can flick through while listening to it. CDs also have better quality than digital music, although most of the time you won't be able to notice a difference (only really noticeable on a decent hifi). Having said that, I always used to detest spending £20 on a CD and then having it break 5 minutes later when I drove over a pot hole. CDs were poorly thought out technology even in the 80s. Now I find it much easier to just head the Amazon and download an album very cheaply when I first take a fancy to something, rather than driving all the way into town to go to a record shop and potentially pay lots more money. You also run the risk of getting all the way to the store and finding it is not in stock, but you can easily download quite rare music online.
  • I vote download. It’s an easy way to use than a CD.
  • Abbafan1972Abbafan1972 Forumite
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    I voted for CD. I like to have a back up of it.

    It's no hassle for me to rip it, but when you buy CD's from Amazon now, a lot of them have the "autorip" facility where you get a free Mp3 version of the album, which you can download to your computer and start listening to straight away.

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  • DCFC79DCFC79 Forumite
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    Download for me but purely for the fact that generally the album has been cheaper than the physical copy. I dotn tend to buy many albums as I only like 1 or 2 tracks. I should buy more CD's just so I have a physical copy eg to play in another cars stereo.
  • if an album I like to have the cd - daft really as put on ipod and listen to that or on computer most of time
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