MSE News: New Childcare cost help – winner and losers

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  • I have done some calculations and I think we will be worse off.

    Currently my husband and I are both high tax rate payers and we have 3 children. 1 is at school and the other 2 are in full time nursery care. The 1 in school goes to breakfast club every day. I have been in the scheme since prior to 2011 but my husband changed his job recently so has been reduced to the lower number of vouchers.

    The issue is unless the scheme is extended in the age group it is applicable for, by the time it comes in my youngest will be 4 and therefore I will only get it for 1 year dependent on how they extend out the years. Assume 1yr every year which would be ok for me but others may signficantly miss out dependent on timings.

    In addition, I havent seen clarification as to whether I can continue to cliam my vouchers and my husband claim the tax rebate? Do both parents claim or can only one claim? If it is done based on the child then I will claim vouchers for my eldest and my husband can claim tax relief on the cost for my youngest. I can claim for my eldest under the old scheme until he is 15.
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    I don't need to do any calculations at all to know that this would benefit us - OH and I are both self-employed, so the previous system was useless for us.
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  • Surely the whole point of such a childcare scheme is to a)improve the care of children and b)to increase provision for children. From what I can see this new scheme does neither because:

    a) It's encouraging single parent families or both parents to work meaning they see even less of their kids, because both parents have to work to now be eligible. This can't be good for children in the long run and certainly stay at home parents should not be actively penalised by the government in the same way they recently have with withdrawl of child benefit as well (another huge debate on this around transfer of tax free allowances etc...)

    b) certainly where I live the local pre-school and after school club relies on a large number of children being funded with childcare vouchers - but they have a stay at home parent, so that funding will be gone. I think this could mean closure of some provision and so parents that really need to work and need the care provision will be denied.

    So another really badly thought out government policy that will encourage single parent families, worn our parents and reduced childcare provision - sounds great for kids.

    Now we did choose to have 3 kids, so I agree with other comments that all child care support should be withdrawn, especially where I'm being actively penalised to have the "traditional" family unit.

    Now does anyone know a good lawyer, I need to get a divorce so I keep scrounging benefits!
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