Signed version of Gabrielle Aplin new album (preorder)

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Info taken from Gabrielle Aplin's Facebook feed.

"For anyone who pre-ordered a signed album from HMV, I've found out they won't be honouring them and you should have had an email letting you know. You won't be charged and if you want to order another one you can from my own store (and I'll still sign them) from here: "

Album is £9.99 plus £1.45 delivery. Due for release 13th May.

From the store site:
"*Signed copies are strictly limited and will be sent out on a first come, first served basis. One signed copy per household. Once all signed copies have been sold the offer will be taken down and replaced with an unsigned version of the album."

I'm a fan so found out, but thought it a nice gift that might appreciate in value over time ...
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