Is she a member here?

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    I doubt it but we have our own star's like Frugaldom who lives on a third of that and Ilona (life after money) to name but a few :)
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    Salaries are also incredibly low in much of the US - I think a construction worker I saw on a programme last year earned $12,000. No health insurance and a hernia that needed a $100,000 operation.

    Heres the mionimum wage details - most of the South east has no MW or it is lower than the federal rate of $7.25 or around £4.80-£5 (£825 per cal month) depending on the exchange rate.
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    I've read about this lady before. Have a look at her website:

    Interesting reading. I suppose it depends on your mindset and all.
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    We pay nearly £8k a year on rent...

    Taking that out of our income were left with £11k a year...

    Doesn't seem hugely impressive to me? Or am I just super skint?
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    Well I have no mortgage as we downsized 18 years ago and I guess I live on about the same amount as that lady but then there is only me to feed and keep warm not a family of four so I think she is doing quite well, I live fairly comfortably on my income and want for little and can still save quite a bit when I put my mind to it I wouldn't want to try to raise a family on it though
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