MSE Blog: It didn’t leave my book in a puddle, but Yodel still bungled my delivery

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Hi all, this is a thread to discuss the MSE blog:
It didn’t leave my book in a puddle, but Yodel still bungled my delivery

"I bought a book on eBay last week. It was delivered on Friday, safe and sound, but on the way, I had a bizarre conversation with a customer service assistant that made me wonder quite what was going on..."

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  • davethorp
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    We probably should be thankful to HDNL (part of Yodel) for saving us £2.02. Placed an order on amazon for a couple of blu rays which were to be a birthday present. Ordered on a Thursday for next day delivery using amazon prime and the birthday in question was the following Monday.

    On Friday there had been no change with the tracking beyond when it got sorted at a hub in Birmingham. Same on Saturday. So with the birthday looming we journeyed into town and had a look in HMV. The two blu rays were 1p and £2.01 cheaper respectively so bought them there and cancelled the order with amazon who advised us to refuse delivery if they eventually appeared.

    Tracking finally changed on the Tuesday to show they had took a little detour to Bristol from Birmingham (we live in Preston). The parcel finally materialised 5 days late on the Wednesday (and was sadly pushed through the letterbox so we didn't get chance to refuse the delivery and had to make our own arrangements with amazon to return it). Amazon also credited us with a free month on prime as they normally do when goods are late so actually HDNL saved us more like £6.10 when you factor that in!
  • Tigsteroonie
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    Yodel marked one of my parcels as 'out for delivery' at 7am on a Thursday morning, the depot being only 10 miles up the road. No sign of it on Thursday, no sign on Friday. Online chat over the weekend resulted in them saying they'd contact the depot to expedite delivery on Monday. No sign of it on Monday. Online chat that night called me a liar, they wouldn't have said that they'd call the depot because the depot would be closed; plus they couldn't act on my instructions anyway as I was the recipient. On Tuesday I emailed the sender to let them know about the problems. My parcel finally arrived on Wednesday, having therefore travelled from the depot at around 0.07 mph.
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  • edo
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    Over the past 4 week I have had 4 packages delivered by YODEL

    1. Delivered to me in good time but package was open, (low value item still inside).

    2. Delivered to me in good time but package was open - (low value item still inside).

    3. Delivered whilst I was away for a few days - left in Wheelie Bin (yes - the one that the Council collect) - package was open.

    4. Delivered whilst I was away for a few days - left by the front door in full view. (this one was not opened).

    Called YODEL Customer Service yesterday - they said they would get back within 24 hours - what do you think?
  • Philippa36
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    The books I ordered arrived today - all fine. So did someone else's order! The delivery driver had thrown them both over our back wall then had to put a note through saying he'll collect the parcel meant for someone else tomorrow. I hope they aren't in a hurry to receive it!
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  • peterdoherty
    Amazon prime member - ordered some DVDs and BluRays. Delivery was about the size of 2 shoe boxes.
    After 3 days waiting I came home (at 4pm) to the usual card stating that a delivery had been attempted at 4.45pm??
    Next day came home to find the box on my balcony - I live on the 2nd floor and there is no external access so I guess the driver lobbed it up. I've no idea how he knew it was the right balcony either!!!
  • Cappy80
    I have had 2 experiences with Yodel
    1. I ordered some Uggs online to replace some faulty ones. I filled out delivery instructions - leave with the butchers next door, as we live in a house converted into a flat and the downstairs door is usually locked and we don't hear them knocking. Luckily our butchers are nice and take parcels in. I try and arrange delivery to work but as it was a first order i could only deliver to billing address. Delivery day came and went. 3 days on I realised there was a tracking option so logged on. They apparently had been delivered and the 'customer' had signed for them the day before. I certainly hadn't signed for them and there was no delivery card to say they had been left with the butchers. Downstairs I went. No parcel with the butchers. I rang Yodel who said it was signed for by the customer but the signature was illegible. I explained it hadn't been and I was told it had so sort it with the original company. The original company said they would look into it and said the info they had matched what I had been told and the signature was illegible. I decided to nip to the corner store where I noticed a box with my name on. A very soggy box containing over £100 worth of Uggs. Someone had handed it in after it was found on a doorstep 2 streets away. The street name and number didn't match and they certainly weren't a butchers shop! Yodel refused to discuss and the original company put a complaint in on my behalf and refunded me £5 as goodwill.
    2. Two weekends ago I ordered on the Friday a PS3 game for next day delivery - paying the additional fee. As I was due to be home and wanted it for a present on the Sunday I had delivery to home. Saturday morning we ensured the door downstairs and out flat door was open so they could get in and we could hear them come up the stairs. Delivery was for between 1 - 9pm. A day in, but my choice for next day delivery. At 5pm I checked the tracking and it apparently had been delivered 2 hours earlier and the 'customer' had signed. I went downstairs and the door was open, no parcel and no card. Yodel was closed at 1pm so I couldn't call. I rang the original supplier and told them the issue. They brought up the details and said it had been signed for by a name one letter different to mine Capty instead of Cappy, for example. I hadn't signed. So off I went knocking on doors. No one had received it. Original company couldn't do anything until Monday when Yodel reopened. After several calls to original company and Yodel - we are investigating, no we can't resend/refund, you signed for it, we're not allowed to discuss it, ring them, no ring them, etc, I tracked my parcel down myself on the Tuesday. The butchers, who are closed on Mondays - had a Yodel delivery driver walk in Saturday afternoon, thrust a parcel at them and go to leave. When he was called back and told it was for next door he said we weren't in. He was told we were and the door was open. He refused the parcel and said he was too busy to deliver it. The butcher said did it need signing for and he was told he was to busy and left! So THAT'S why it looked like my name - delivery man faked it.
    No response to complaint from original company and Yodel won't deal with me as I'm not a customer. Very very shoddy. If Yodel is the delivery company I will no longer order from that company. The time, money and stress is not worth it.
  • Cappy80
    Sorry for long post, I think I needed to get that out my system!!!
  • Honeysooze
    About 6 months ago I ordered a blender from Amazon, which was likely to be big and heavy. After not having received it for a few days, I decided to track it and it had gone to about 3 different depots across the country. they tried to deliver it once, leaving a card, but the depot is about 30 miles away. I arranged for it to be redlivered when I would be in, but it didn't come. When it did arrive, and I Was out, the delivery driver threw it over our 6 foot gate, leaving the box completely ripped open and the blender falling out. Of course, no reply from Yodel when you try to call and complain and no answer to online complaints either. Thankfully Amazon agreed to send me a replacement, as I wasn't going to keep a potentially damaged blender, but were going to send me another via Yodel! Dealing with Amazon was hard, as they didn't understand that Yodel was the problem in the first place, but accepted me returning it via Royal Mail (at a cost of about £25 to them), and agreed to send me another via Royal Mail.
  • jackieblack
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    MSE_Helen wrote: »

    You're lucky..... they did leave my books in a puddle, wrapped in cardboard packaging (Amazon) which soaked up the water, having lobbed them over a locked 6ft gate onto the middle of our patio. It had been raining heavily and persistently for several days and was still raining heavily and persistently all day the day of delivery :(
    Fortunately, Amazon replaced without a quibble, but how I wish they'd bin Yodel altogether, I'm on tenterhooks waiting for any delivery that has been sent via Yodel :(
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  • gilkouk
    bought a media player from ebuyers,and waited in the three days that it was due to be delivered never turned uo and one the Yodel site it was marked as being delivered ..Now as i live on the 12th floor of a multi storey block of flats with a full camera system on the door and lifts and no attempt had been made to deliver...but then 6 days later found it had been given to the concierge in another block . I now will only buy if i can get an assurance that the seller will not use Yodel for the delivery .
    Maybe we should all put this note on to any purchase
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