Real-life MMD: Should I threaten a bad review to get better service?

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Money Moral Dilemma: Should I threaten a bad review to get better service?

I write a blog about the city I live in, which includes reviews of local eateries, hotels and attractions. I'm pretty certain last time I went to a restaurant, the waitress overheard me talking about my review, because the service picked up after. I don't get paid to write yet lots of places benefit from better custom after I've written about them. Should I start telling places I visit I'll be reviewing them to get better service?

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Note: Please remember that these are real-life Money Moral Dilemmas that have been sent into us and while we want you to have your say, please remember to be nice when you respond.

In this instance, as has been pointed out in the thread below, there is potential for blackmail (though this would depend entirely on how the situation is handled), which MSE does not endorse.

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  • CCStarCCStar Forumite
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    No, I think it is false.

    People should be nice anyway.
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    I am no expert in property but have lived in many types of homes, in many locations and can only talk from experience.
  • Xen6Xen6 Forumite
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    By telling them you review places you're right, your service will probably be better, but I think that your review will have more value if written from the perspective of an average customer enjoying a realistic everyday experience. This way you can really identify the positives and negatives of the restaurant rather than providing a distorted view from an "out of the ordinary service".
  • iclayticlayt Forumite
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    I think it makes far more sense to provide feedback of your experiences based on the natural service you receive, which will be more honest, accurate and reliable for those who read it - unless you are planning to end every review with "I received excellent service, because I threatened them with a negative online review".
  • DUH!!!

    Obviously not because although you may get better service the people who go there on your recommendation will not.

    Why would this bother you? Well because your blog will get a bad name and people wont read it anymore.

    What a stupid Q! And why are the MMD not even vaguely dilemma-ish anymore?
  • Oh and as someone who has worked in the restaurant business for years, I can tell you that you get short shrift from me if you threatened me with a bad review, just as you would if you told me that your best friend owns the company that employs me (that has happened to me).
  • scotsbobscotsbob Forumite
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    It's basically a form of intimidation.
    I would hope you got short shrift from anyone you tried it on
  • bogwartbogwart Forumite
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    How would you feel about being blackmailed? Your attitude is disgraceful. Who do you think you are, anyway? A small-time amateur blogger, is all. Do make an effort to get over yourself.
  • juggsyjuggsy Forumite
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    I'm surprised at MSE for this, hardly a 'dilemma' and certainly not one many of us can relate to.

    As for the question, it's blindingly obvious that basing your review on blackmail is pathetic and completely mis-leading to anyone reading the review.

    When you have a column in The Times then you can begin to think your reviews have some sway. Until then I hope anyone you suggest this to chucks you out of their establishment.
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    SoolerSooler Forumite
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    MSE_Debs wrote: »
    Should I start telling places I visit that I'll be reviewing them to get better service?

    Just let them know you're coming so they know who the pompous cretin is. :easter_os
  • Absolutely not. What would be the point? It would make your reviews biased and unbalanced and ruin your reputation.

    So maybe yeah, go ahead, you'll get what you deserve.

    And what a rubbish MMD by the way.
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