AMEX chargeback of American Airlines cancelled flight


In September my partner and I had booked 2 flights to travel to travel between (1) Los Angeles and Las Vegas and (2) San Francisco and Washington DC. When we arrived at the airport on both occasions the flights had been cancelled and I have been unable to obtain a refund from the airline despite following the complaints process. They have sent me an email admitting they were at fault and offered vouchers which is of no use me as I will not be travelling in the US soon.

As I booked the flights on my BA AMEX I insisted that they chargeback the transactions which they have done. Now, American Airlines have twice written to me demanding payment for an "unpaid travel charge". They have threatened "negative reporting to credit bureaus and potential legal action".

Despite the fact the airline have provided no good or services they continue to ignore my emails. Am I best to now ignore the letters - or can they actually impact my credit rating or cause me difficulties?

From what I have seen there are no trade bodies or ombudsman equivalents for the US airlines.

All advice welcome.




  • cockaleekee
    Were you accommodated on other flights or did you choose not to travel?
  • eddddy
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    On what basis are AA refusing a refund?

    Their website says

    "If your originally scheduled flight was canceled and you decide not to travel, you can receive a full refund. To arrange for a refund, visit, call your travel agent, or call AA Reservations."

    Did you do any of those things?

    But they also say:

    "In some cases, when a flight cancels, our system may confirm you on another flight a short time after the disruption. You can check to see whether you’re confirmed on another flight and access the details in the following ways:

    If you booked on and are able to access the Internet, visit and select "My Reservations."
    If you booked your flight through a travel agency, call their office directly.
    Call AA Reservations.
    See an agent at the airport."

    Could it be that they confirmed you on another flight, which you failed to board?

    It sounds like your contract with AA may be under US law, which may be very different from UK law. But I would guess the situation is that you have the money, and if they want it they will have to sue you. (But having to pay US sized legal costs if you lose may be a bit daunting, so it's worth really understanding which part of their T&Cs they are relying on to refuse a refund.)

    If they file negative reports with a credit bureau, I guess there is some form of redress (as there is in the UK). But if you don't get this resolved, I suspect they may refuse to take bookings from you in future.
  • InsideInsurance
    The ball is really in their court.

    You have your money back and evidently will refuse to pay them again. It is up to them to decide if they want to take you to court (in the USA) or not. Loadings to a CRA in the USA will have no impact on you here though there is a chance of it impacting you if you ever decided to move to the USA and a very slim chance of it impacting you if you wanted to go back to the USA as a tourist/ business

    I suspect more likely would be their simply blacklist you from flying with them again, it would be fairly unlikely for that list to spread to other partners
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