Debenhams Wedding Gift List

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My first post so not really sure if I've done this in the right place!:o

This is a warning for other brides-to-be as I don't think there is much I can do to save my own wedding gift list now!

So I'm getting married on 9th March.:j
I opened a Debenhams Gift List around October 2012. All was going well, gave out our gift list number and all the details guests needed to view our gift list.
Then I received a letter on 25th January to state that the Debenhams wedding website would be down for maintenance until 3rd Feb.
Initially I went into panic mode!
After calming down, I realised all would be ok as it stated on the notice that Debenhams was displaying online that "If you are a Guests trying to purchase from a Gift List please call us on 08445 61 61 61."
Phew... all is ok!

So I waited until 4th Feb, checked Debenham website.... Wedding site is still down!

So I phoned customer service, that’s when I realised this issue was much worse than I anticipated!
I was informed by Debenhams Customer Service that they didn't know when the wedding gift list site would be up and running again, "hopefully soon". So Debenhams couldn't give me any useful information, I just had to wait.
Then a guest phoned me on Saturday 9th Feb (uh hum...4 weeks before my wedding) to tell me they couldn't access our gift list online, and when they phone the number provided customer service couldn't access our gift list by number, or name!
Now I was panicking!

So I phoned customer service again, asked them if they could access my gift list for me. They asked for the store in which I opened my gift list... Ok, Newbury...but my guests won't know that!
So customer service tried to ring the store for answer... and apparently until the website is up and running again customer service have no way of accessing my gift list so my guests have absolutely no way of purchasing anything from it, unless of course they happen to know I opened the gift list in Newbury (unlikely!) and they’d like to pop in!

So in summary, it’s now under 4 week until my wedding, as of today the wedding gift list site is still down, and there is absolutely no way our guest can view or purchase anything from our gift list!

Well done Debenhams, as if I don’t have enough to worry about, I now have no gift list! Fan-Tas-Tic!


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    Try emailing the CEO with your problem [EMAIL=""][email protected][/EMAIL]

    He might be able to do something for you :)

    Good Luck

    Steph xx
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    amy_rls - I'm pleased you've posted on here I am so angry with Debenhams!! I have had so much trouble with them its unbelievable. We got married on 25 Jan - so we didnt even get the letter to say the site was going down, and I've not been able to get on the website to be able to go back to our guests and thank them for their gift. Its embrassing - people are asking are we happy with their gift and I'm having to say erm yes thanks as I've no idea what theyve bought us.

    Debenhams have been downright obnoxious. I've sent 2 emails and they have basically told me there is nothing they can do about it. Its routine maintenance and tough. I called the store we're registered at who said the same as yours, nothing they can do until the system is up and running. I've spoken to a couple of friends who both said they couldnt order off the website, and one was told by the store they couldnt even order off the list until after maintenance was complete and she had to "just go and get something off the shelf yourself". This is totally unacceptable for a company such as Debenhams!

    So I am off to email the CEO now and recommend you do the same.

    Oh Steph thank you so much for the email. Off to rant at Michael Sharp now!:eek:

    Bexmum x
    Now Mrs! Still mum though.... :D
    Holiday 2013
    January - Dubai
    August - Disney World & New York
  • Stephb1986_2Stephb1986_2 Forumite
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    If any of you need a hand writing to him let me know, I emailed him last week about a top I bought. I got all my money back and a £10 gift card. So you should get something better than that :)

    Steph xx
  • bexsmumbexsmum Forumite
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    Thanks Steph, I've just emailed war and peace to him but he's on leave. Silly man had put another 3 or 4 people you can contact in his absence on his out of office.... Anyone need their names I have them!
    Now Mrs! Still mum though.... :D
    Holiday 2013
    January - Dubai
    August - Disney World & New York
  • Hi all,

    Thanks for your replies.
    Sorry you're having the same trouble bexsmum. It is embarrassing, you're right!

    I emailed the CEO this morning and received his out of office, so emailed one of the other people lised - Jason Neiland, head of customer realations.
    His response was that he'd get the store manager to contact me! Grrrr the store is useless! So the war continues!
  • Hi
    Not an understatement: same thing - sent out 250 invitations with the guest list on - its been unavailable for 4 weeks and the guest ring me - i apologies - i ring debenhams, email, and have gone to the board - with no effect on the service. I am not after anything other that getting the webste up and running - a simple task for any one nowadays.
    The emails of the board are:
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [EMAIL=""][email protected][/EMAIL]
    [email protected], [EMAIL=""][email protected][/EMAIL]
    [EMAIL="jason.neiland@debenhams"][email protected][/EMAIL]

    I emailed them a very polite "do you realise its not working, can you help and may I speak to the Head of IT or similar?"
    No reply from any of them.... although customer services did ring me again to say sorry. So thats ok then.

    I pity the staff working for numpties who cant get the simple things right.
  • Oh my goodness. That is awful. I was wondering if the store you opened the list with could see it to print it off for you. You would have thought that they would have known you would have wanted to know who brought you what. It really is thoughtless of them.

    I got married on the 26th January and have a Debenhams gift list and I must say we had no problems, but we did have an amazingly organised consultant who printed out our gift list on the 24th and sent it to us along with the presents.

    I hope you get the list for your thank you cards x
  • I have an update. Debenhams are still incompetent.

    Still waiting for a response to my emails last week.

    Received my order on Friday, but noticed a couple of things missing. Went into the store on sat, we were told that no one was in and to come back tomorrow (?!) Had a call from a guest to say that had received an email to say the items were out of stock - after we'd received the delivery. Obviously it wasnt processed in time to be sent out!

    Went back in on Sunday. Half way through explaining everything another assistant came over and said she had been asked to sort out our email and could they offer us a credit to the gift card as compensation. We took the credit as there was still items I wanted to buy.

    Went to the til with the items, told them our name and said it was to come off the guest list. Came home and realised it hasnt come off the gift list at all - nor have we received our 10% discount either and to top it off, they havent even put the full amount compensation on the card its £3 short!!!!

    Emailed Michael Sharpe again, received a response last night fron Jason Neiland asking me to bear with them and the store manager will call me. We'll see eh....

    I still cant get onto the website as HO changed my password... asked 3 times for it to be emailed to me, still waiting. The store have asked for someone to call me with it, still waiting.

    Argh - this is stressing me out more than all the other hassles we had!! All I want is this company to sort EVERYTHING out for us but I would definitely not recommend them!
    Now Mrs! Still mum though.... :D
    Holiday 2013
    January - Dubai
    August - Disney World & New York
  • Hi Bexsmum... I've been having fun and games over the weekend too!

    They are rubbish! I hope everything is sorted soon.

    All we want is for them to provide the service they claim to give! Can they do anything right?

    So the website came up again late last week but I couldn't get in with my user name and password... they'd locked me out! I rang customer service who gave me the standard response of "you'll need to speak to your host store, there is nothing we can do"

    So Saturday I went into the store. I asked to speak to the manager and she reset my password. She couldn’t apologise enough, gave us free lunch and money on our gift card. I did feel for her, as there isn't much she can do!

    Now i can get into the gift list website but most of the functions don't work. Purchases that were made before the site went down now can't been seen. Purchases that have been made this week show who's purchased but not what it is!

    It is so frustrating!

    I emailed another complaint this morning, this time to head office, but I’m pretty sure the email address i have goes straight to customer service anyway!

    All I want is for the service to work properly! Wish I had the time to set up a new gift list elsewhere- that actually works!

    I saw a poor couple trying to register a gift list in Debenhams this weekend, so I made sure they could hear my conversation with the store manager. Hopefully after hearing my eventful story they will stay well away!

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