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  • shrewsbury wilkos have loads of reduced home things
    loo brushes in bright colours 25p, vases and doorstops 50p, huge mirrors £2, bathroom cabinet £1, kids bedroom things lampshades 25p, 50p and £1, picture frames just loads!!, duvet covers £2 and £5, pillowcases 50p, lots of trinkets for shelves 25p and 50p...loads there!!
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    Just got home from my local store, I was hoping to get stationary etc for grandchildren but there was nothing of this reduced, however there were lots of home ware stuff reduced to silly money 25p and 50p, bought some silk flowers at 25p.
  • i was looking forward to a good haul from Sheffield on Saturday.
    LOADS of red sale signs everywhere - yet everything i looked at was the same price it's always been.
    loves how my "I've been censored" signature has been censored. LOL. Happy Christmas. :xmastree:
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    You need to price check some of the items as everything has not been marked up in the sale. Lots of stuff online but most now OOS but it gives you an idea of what to look for instore. Got some lovely butterfly photo frames for £1, however still showing £10 online so was very surprised to see those marked down instore.
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    I went to the Norwich store on my lunch break and it was heaving. However I did manage to get some good stuff, fluffy mattress protectors for £5 each, Kingsize duvet for £5, fitted sheet for £2, peacock pillows £2 each, fully lined eyelet curtains £5 a pair, photoframes 50p each, "Bath" signs 25p each.

    Loads of stuff going fast though, people were going mad. I got about £200 of stuff for £30 - now how to get it all home on the bus?!
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    Another thanks for this thread, went to Chelmsford at lunchtime, some people a bit pushy/blocking aisles with pushchairs but they underestimated the gaps I could wiggle through... like a mouse :P

    Got four pairs of curtains (£5 per pair), two blackout roller blinds (£1 each!), curtain pole ends to match curtains (50p per set), matching centre lampshade (£2), matching table lamp + shade (£2).

    Oh and a double valance sheet that matches some duvets I have (£2 I think).

    Recently bought my first house so I'm so so pleased with this :D
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    Got some great deals at my local smallish wilkinson.

    Double Duvet £1
    The lovely butterfly glass picture frames £1
    wood/glass frames 25p
    Large mirror with frosted edge £1
    Roller blind for DS bedroom £2
    Long metal curtain poles £2
    Double fitted sheets £2
    Matching pillow cases 50p
    Tealights pack 20p
    shower curtains 50p
    Curtain pole for nets 25p
    Throw 50p

    Lots of other things available but selling really quickly, just popped back and most things now gone.
    Thanks to all who posted - went to Wilkies on off chance first thing this morning just as items being reduced.
  • Widne$ Wilkos was rammed today with lots of women with a crazed look in their eyes (me included!)

    I was very restrained and bought;

    4 8x6 black photoframes for £1 each (doing a black photoframe feature on the wall in the loo)

    Large aubergine lampshade £1

    Vanilla room scent oil 50p

    Two linen scented reed diffusers 50p each

    Toothbrush holder mug 25p

    There were a lot of fake flowers, some in vases for 25-50p, bedding from £2, cushions from £2 and lots more photoframes from 25p.
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    I love this thread, thank you for all posters!

    Today's haul was:

    Large photo frame £1.50
    pendant light shade (ceiling) £1.00 small with blue shades to it
    flowers 0.10, 2 x 0.25
    lantern candle holder 0.25
    2 bath mats (the ones that stop you slipping in the bath) 0.25 each
    normal bath mat (lovely lime green one) £2

    they also had light pendants that were glass, very nice stylish ones at £5! they were taking all the lights down from display (hoping these may end up on discount too)

    brilliant discounts, plenty of people there getting the deals, didn't have enough time to have a nosey around the rest of the store, would have loved to get hold of some throws!

    LeaLea xx
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    SPC7 #116 £674.50
    SPC8 #116 £1010
  • Went to local Wilkinsons this afternoon, Ashford kent, all household furnishings having the prices cut , staff said all the stock is being cleared of these items across all the Wilkinson stores as new suppliers going in, i got - All curtains £5, Cushions £1 - £2, picture frames various sizes 50p - £2, KS Duvet covers £5, single £2, lots of other bits- definitely worth having a look at local stores as when their doing this clearance everything is going very quick
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