Credit refused because of address change due to postings

Wondered if you can help. Today went into York Orange shop to sign up for contract phone, £10 per month. When the guy phoned through to check credit rating we were refused! This was very embarassing being refused and wasted 1/2 hour of our day and left without new phone! I am in the Military. I have been at current address 3 weeks, previous address 6 months and before that was at address for 3 years. All our moves have been postings, work, not choice! I earn £50K per year, home owner of 2 properties, have no debt and pay off credit card every month without fail. I have been in the military for 15 years. I am disgusted that companies refuse military people by looking at their frequent moves, see that they are in rented housing ( military quarters) when they are probably so much less of a credit risk than others! I am aware of the Military Covenant that says that military personnel shhould not be disadvantaged due to moving etc but this obviously is not being put into action. Has anyone else had this problem and how was is dealt with. I am planning on taking this further as it is just not on!


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    You could appeal by emailing them:

    [email protected]
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    The problem is that your not on the electoral role.

    I once purchased a car whilst at a base up north. I had elected to be put onto the electoral role in the previous year.

    When they carried out an address search to find me from the postcode, I was one of 5 people living at that postcode.

    I had to go into the HR Admin people, fill out a form and send it off to the local council to be put onto the electoral role, just beware though. As you open yourself to alot of junk mail.
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    I always used my parent's address, having been my home prior to the Army and it was also my postal election address. So received no problems when buying anything.

    You could get a postal vote form from the admin office or join the local election role at your base town. This is a common problem, don't apply for to much credit at the mo, as every credit request leaves a 'footprint', and could make it worse.
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