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Help - desperate times.....

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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Mortgages & Endowments
Hello all needing more advice please.

I have written a few posts but will explain again.

Mu mum died last month and we lived together, I am not coping with that and I am also disabled and having a major op in 2 months. We can't seem to get a mortgage (I am on benefits and a bad credit rating and my brother has a default and also his own house) The house is worth apx £180,000 and we owe £50,000 to Santander. We have tried every option that you have all kindly recommended and still not having any luck.

What I need to ask you all is what will the process be with Santander - The house is in Mums name still and left equally to my brother and me - They have given me 2 months to try and sort something out - then what happens if I can't get a mortgage - will there be a special circumstances mortgage board where they may consider letting me stay ( I can easily afford to pay a mortgage) or will they simply just boot me out?

I am scared to death and not sleeping - I can't stand the thought of moving as Mum and me have lived here all our lives and I honestly dont think I could cope with leaving here - plus its a bungalow so it caters for my lack of mobilty. My doctor and consultant have both said it will be too traumatic for me to move right now and are willing to support this in writing.

The house is too expensive to apply for the mortgage rescue scheme.

Any advice would be so much appreciated

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