Dual Insurance??

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    Then sorry to have offended you but I stand by every word I wrote based on what you posted.
    I am not a mindreader if there are reasons you would rather not spout on the internet don't ask on a public forum.

    (Please block me I won't be offended - honest)
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    tbailey wrote: »
    This seems a little un fair as the letters stated that by not contacting my policy would cancel it didnt say you must call if you want the policy or not or we will charge you for this

    What is the exact wording of this? If it says that if you do not contact us we will not renew the policy, a complaint will be successful.

    On the other hand, if it actually says that if you don't contact us, we will renew the policy, then I would expect a complaint to fail for technical reasons (but still worth doing as they may refund out of goodwill)
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    You are the one that caused this by not doing things correctly so pay up what you owe.
    Up to £50 is considered acceptable as a cancellation fee.
    Everyone knows that cancelling a direct debit doesn't end a contract.
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    Most insurers are very good when it comes to dual insurance. The two insurers will correspond with each other and an arrangement made to refund one, usually with a cancellation charge attached.

    A complaint should logically fail because there is no wrong doing by the insurer. However, I expect that the insurer will refund premiums as a cheaper option.
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