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Maybe 'bulk' is a strong word but i need to have bulk messaging set up to remind attendees about seminars that we are setting up.

Basically, there are maybe 15 seminars, each with approx 60 attendees. The idea would be to text them prior as a reminder.

Also, that list would be uploaded via an excel or word document.

All seminars are in the UK, so no international texts needed

Finally, we'd like to do this as cheap as poss. :money:

Anyone any recommendations?


  • This makes for quite interesting reading


    It enables you to upload in csv format (which Excel can export as) and automatically send the bulk sms

    Using this specific website will cost £44 for 1000 texts (based on 60 attendees per 15 seminars = 900)
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  • There are many SMS providers and either you can upload them as per the suggestion above or if you wanted to be able to just add the details and forget about it then a simple app could be created that you enter the details into and it sends the messages via your SMS provider on the specified date(s)
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