Redundancy Checklist and Did You Cope?

Hi All,

I've been offered the chance to take voluntary redundancy, in a way I feel it's came at the right time as I fancied a change and I'm aware that the company I work for is contracting.

It is nevertheless a scary prospect signing on the dotted line which will mean as of March 29th I will be redundant.

My payout will tye me over for a short while and the next 6 months of mortgage payments will be covered.

What I would like to know is what tasks should I be carrying out now to (a) prepare for redundancy and (b) ensure that I'm unemployed for the shortest period of time?

Finally for anyone else who has been in this situation, how did you cope and how did things eventually turn out?

Thanks in advance.


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    Cash is king. Cut back all expences, cancell any monthly that you can.

    start looking for work, CV upto date and on the market.

    NETWORK, a lot of jobs never go to market so make sure everyone know you are looking, especialy people you have worked with, customers, suppliers.
  • DH was made redundant last year after working in purchasing for the NHS for 10 years. Unfortunately he has been unable to get a permanent job despite applying for at least 300 jobs since! Some he isn't qualified enough for, some he is over qualified for etc etc. DH has taken temping work but it's sporadic and not guaranteed from week to week.

    Luckily we have enough money to pay the mortgage for the next 6 months but if his work doesn't't pick up we will have to seriously look at selling and moving into a smaller house/rented.
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