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Hi everyone,

I am concerned because my mother has got involved in a Trust called the "Universal Community Trust" (www .universalcommunitytrust .net) to safeguard her assets and possessions. While this is quite a normal practice when it comes to safe guarding against inheritance tax, the trust she has chosen to do this with appears to be quite unusual.

My mother is 'spiritual' and the values on the website appear to strike a chord with her. I don't believe my mother is entirely of a healthy mind either, so I fear she is susceptible to being groomed by this organisation. I am concerned that my reservations around this organisation are true and that she is on the way to being fleeced of everything she owns.

She told me that there is a second level to membership, where money becomes no object. If you need a large amount of money, then you simply ask and they can arrange it. My mother likened this to 'gilts' which are traded between countries.

I spoke with my mother on the phone recently about my concerns, but I am not confident that I was able to change her mind or make her more cautious about this organisation. I put forward some good arguments, but she didn't accept them. I re-iterate that she may not be of entirely healthy mind. An example argument I put forward was as follows; I mentioned that the website is hiding the identities of those involved as there is limited contact information - only a form based submission. My mother returned that initially the government was resisting their efforts, so they hid information about who they are in order to keep things progressing. However, my mother had mentioned that various laws (including EU laws) had been passed in order to enable this organisation to do it's mission. So, I asked my mother why the organisation would be actively talking to the government and hiding from it at the same time. It does not make sense! I fear the spiritual nature of the organisation and my mothers soft heart towards 'spiritual' people had left her guard down.

So far my mother told me that she has signed a document to get her into the trust, but she has kept the only copy of that document and no funds have been transferred, but I have serious concerns that "level two" of the organisation is where she will have her assets stolen from under her feet.


Doing some basic reading on mind.org.uk, it's possible that my mother has schizophrenia, she probably unwilling to accept that she has it as it's difficult for the person suffering to realise. My brother and I are considering trying to get her to a GP to talk about it, but we are not local and it could be difficult as she just moved house and may not be registered locally yet. My mother does not work anymore and it would be impossible for her cope if she lost all her belongings. Until now her mental state has been pretty harmless, so we have let it slide, but now we are desperate to save her from a potential disaster.

- I am convinced this organisation is up to no good, but what can I do to protect my mother from losing everything she owns?
- How can I check the authenticity of this organisation?
- Should I go to the police?
- Who can I talk to?

Thanks very much!


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    You are right to be concerned. The so-called Universal Community Trust appears to have been established by that particular brand of kooks and crazies known as the 'Freeman-on-the-land' or FMOL in internet speak. Quite what the UCT is up to isn't clear, but given the statement that it has been established "with a view to creating the credit necessary for the acquisition of land and the building of infrastructures for autonomous, self-governing Community Trusts of sovereign Men and Women who have revoked their consent to be governed by governments they hold to be tyrranical and illegitimate...." etc and so forth, I'd guess that the idea is to get some money, buy some land, and set up some kind of community.

    The good news would be, that since the whole point of FMOL is that they don't recognise the authority of HMG or bother themselves with technicalities such as statute law, it's highly unlikely that any 'document' they produce for signature will be in any way legal or enforceable by any actual court.

    In the circumstances I don't think you've got much alternative other than to go down the mental capacity route, and get an order from the Court of Protection to appoint someone as her deputy. (Assuming you haven't already got a power of attorney you can activate.) I imagine that the Office of the Public Guardian will tell you what the process should be, and that someone such as Mind or Age Concern might be of assistance. But other than that, I can't be of much practical assistance, since I've never been down that route myself.
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    Thanks for the replies thus far.

    Antrobus, your post is very informative. Thanks for this! I agree that the rules and regulations that the trust is running by, appear to be made up. In the FAQ they claim to have made a "declaration to HM Elizabeth II of the House of Windsor". It does not say that the declaration was approved. The whole sentence is a bit mind boggling. See below:

    "The Universal Community of Self-Realisation was founded by Michael of Bernicia, following his declaration to HM Elizabeth II of the House of Windsor that it was and remains part of his Mission to do so, in order to facilitate a spiritually attuned environment which recognises the that the gift of Unconditional Love is a prerequisite for the identification, nurture and fulfillment of our true purposes here on Earth in these present physical incarnations.
    From: www .universalcommunitytrust .net /faq.html

    Make of it what you will. It turns out Bernicia is an Anglo-Saxon place from the 6th century. This "Michael" is claiming to be from this kingdom, which no longer exists. This person seems to be living in a fantasy of that previous land.

    Xylophone, my mother is based in Somerset, I found this act from 2005 that may be useful: www .somerset .gov.uk /irj/public/services/directory/service?rid=/guid/400b7742-559c-2c10-8287-c738d64857ca (I can't post links yet, spammers fault!)

    Whilst we have been reluctant to go down the mental capacity route for some time, there comes a time when you are left with little option. It is difficult as mostly she is able to look after herself and make mostly normal decisions, although her spiritual side can take charge at times. An example is impulse buys because 'spirit told me to'. It's a strange world and I have to admit some fear in confronting her about her capacity. When we come to it, it will not be easy. :(
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